Can’t find a cat friendly apartment? Solve your problem today.

Finding a cat friendly apartment is a huge challenge for many. Cats are considered excellent emotional support animals and emotional support animals get to live with their owners, even in “no-pet” apartments! They provide comfort and emotional support to their owners and can reduce anxiety and stress. How can your stress levels not drop when cuddling a cat? You also do not have to pay pet deposits or increased rent for your emotional support animal. See if you qualify by taking our quick ESA questionnaire below.


Benefits of emotional support animal certification for your cat 

  • Unfettered access to apartment housing even if they have a no-pet policy
  • Live in the apartment of your dreams even if they a specific no cat policy
  • Waive any cat or pet deposits for apartments
  • Waive any additional monthly pet fees

Can cats work as Service Animals? 

Unfortunately, only dogs and small horses can work as a service animal. No worries though! Cats and other animals can be certified as an Emotional Support Animal.