6 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

Cat videos go viral for a reason: Furry felines are silly, majestic, and adorable all at the same time. If watching cat videos can lift your spirits and brighten your day, imagine what a real cat can do! Independent and stubborn, cats are notoriously fickle about choosing their humans. Once you’ve earned a cat’s trust [...]

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Can Cats Provide Emotional Support?

While dogs are considered to be a more popular choice in regards to certified assistance animals, cats have been on the rise as another choice for people with disabilities and health conditions. However, the stereotypes against cats have been a deterrent towards this prospect; hence many researchers have been asking the question “can cats provide [...]

Emotional Support Animal Letter

Emotional support animal (ESA) have special rights under federal and state laws. Emotional support animals help their owners cope with a wide range of health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism, and phobias. While many pets provide similar emotional and mental health benefits, an animal companion can only qualify as an ESA if the owner [...]

How to get an ESA Prescription Letter

Are you suffering from an emotional or mental disability? Do you think an emotional support animal may be the answer for you? You are not alone. More and more people are realizing the comforting effects a furry (or feathery/scaly) companion can bring. However, there's more to getting an ESA than just calling your current pet [...]

Emotional Support Animal Certification Guide

ESA Certification Process  Emotional support animals (ESAs) play a crucial role in the lives of people suffering from mental health issues, from chronic depression to anxiety. ESAs are regarded as assistance animals that are protected by federal laws for housing and air travel.  In order to qualify for an ESA, you need to meet certain [...]

Why Are Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Dogs Allowed Inside Airplanes?

You may have seen a dog on a recent flight that wasn’t in a pet carrier and wondered how they were allowed to board. After all, new regulations went into effect in the first quarter of 2021 that effectively allowed airlines to ban emotional support animals from flights.  The canine you saw in the cabin [...]

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