What Has Your Pet Trained You to Do?

When it comes to pets, sometimes you have to wonder who owns who? In attempting to get our pets to adapt to our life... we find ourselves adapting to theirs. Here are a few hilarious examples of how our pets train us to perform.  1. Cat as Queen of the Bed No cat wants [...]

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Best Emotional Support Cat Breeds

Felines have the reputation of being aloof and selfish. But ask any cat owner, and they’ll tell you that their cat brings life and joy into their lives. A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a cat is their comic relief. The internet would agree. Cat videos rule the internet for a [...]

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6 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

Cat videos go viral for a reason: Furry felines are silly, majestic, and adorable all at the same time. If watching cat videos can lift your spirits and brighten your day, imagine what a real cat can do! Independent and stubborn, cats are notoriously fickle about choosing their h [...]

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Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals?

It may be a “dog’s world” when it comes to service animal work, but that doesn’t mean cats can’t play a different role for people suffering from mental or emotional issues. Cats, along with dogs and other types of animals, can indeed be considered emotional support animals. Count [...]

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