What Has Your Pet Trained You to Do?

When it comes to pets, sometimes you have to wonder who owns who? In attempting to get our pets to adapt to our life... we find ourselves adapting to theirs. Here are a few hilarious examples of how our pets train us to perform.  1. Cat as Queen of the Bed No cat wants to be [...]

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Best Big Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

When it comes to being the best emotional support dogs, tiny lapdogs don’t have the monopoly on comfort. Big dog breeds can offer the same companionship and cuddles as smaller-sized dogs.  According to the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), pets improve mental health in people experiencing stress, sadness, or loneliness. Because dogs evolved living so [...]

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Are Golden Retrievers the Perfect Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional Support Animal, Service Animal, or a Pet? Is a pet an emotional support animal? Although pets provide humans with companionship and affection, they are not emotional support animals (ESA). An emotional support animal is more than a pet because it serves a very therapeutic purpose, as identified by a healthcare professional, for people who [...]

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How Do I Make My Dog an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional support dogs have become a popular option for people coping with mental and emotional health issues. Many dog owners are aware of the therapeutic benefits and support their canine friends provide. An emotional support dog is a legally recognized assistance animal that is allowed to accompany its owner in residences free of charge (even [...]

9 Ways Dogs Show They Love Us

Ask any good pet parent if they know their dog loves them and you will most likely get a resounding "yes!" The canine species is "(wo)man's best friend" for a reason. All you have to do is click on any social media site or animal-related website to find examples of dogs showing their love for [...]

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How to Certify an Emotional Support Dog

The world can be a stressful place, and the worries of everyday life can be overwhelming. To help cope with these feelings, many people turn to pets as a source of comfort. But an Emotional Support Dog (ESD) is much more than just an ordinary pet. Individuals that suffer from a disability in the form [...]

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