Positive Effects of Emotional Support Animals

Service animals play a huge role in our society. From the familiar seeing-eye dog to animals that have been specially trained to provide support for veterans with PTSD, our animal companions have proven their ability to provide invaluable assistance to humans. In addition to the service dogs that are used by countless people with physical […]

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Do You Know if Your ESA Letter is Legit?

ESA Doctors was founded with the mission of helping people seek support and information on emotional support animals when other options are not available. As advancements in internet services continue to grow, there are more and more ESA options online and they may not all have the same noble intentions. Regardless of who you choose to […]

The Air Carrier Access Act for Emotional Support Animals

If you become disabled, your world changes, not only for you physically or mentally but in many other aspects of your day-to-day living. Having an assistance animal may mean the difference between living a decent life and living a life of pain.
Fortunately, government agencies recognize that individuals coping with the challenges of a condition may […]

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The Difference Between the Fair Housing Act and ADA

When you become disabled, the world becomes a very different place. Things that may have once been easy may become more difficult to do. For this reason, laws have been put in place to ensure an individual with a disability is treated fairly.
Two of the commonly known organizations is the Fair Housing Act and the […]

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Do I Have Depression?

We all suffer from the blues from time-to-time, but when those down moods turn into something more, you may be suffering from depression.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 350 million people suffer from this condition worldwide. Depression is also among the leading causes of most mental disabilities.
In this post, we […]

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Emotional Support Dog Owners Live Longer

Want to live longer? Don’t go to the gym! Get a dog!
A Swedish study published in Scientific Reports shows that dog owners have a 20% reduced risk of death and 23% lower risk of cardiovascular death. Another study conducted in England confirms the health benefits of dog ownership, primarily when it comes to physical […]

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How to Find a Therapist Near Me for an ESA Letter

Many of us struggle in today’s busy world. We may feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed. These emotions are normal from time-to-time and often pass within days or even hours. However, if you experience persistent negative feelings or those that hinder your daily activities, it’s best to seek help.
If you enjoy the company […]

Do I Need an Emotional Support Dog, Service Dog or Therapy Dog?

Do you know the difference between an emotional support dog, certified service dog, and therapy dog? People oftentimes confuse these three separate assistance animals by lumping them all together. Each type of assistance animal has a different level of access and a different way to qualify. We will discuss the differences between these animals and […]

Can an Emotional Support Animal Help With Fears and Phobias?

Sure, we all probably have something that makes us a bit afraid, perhaps a trip to the dentist or a little spider climbing up the bedroom wall. But when these “small” fears become so overwhelming that it keeps us from functioning in our daily lives, it has crossed over into a phobia.
In this post, we […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment Using Emotional Support Animals

Do you get the “winter” blues or feel upset when there are long periods of a dull sky and rainy weather? You may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a very real condition that affects many people and some may not even realize that a lack of sunlight is what’s causing their […]

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