Give the Gift of Love and Support

Buy a gift certificate for your loved one.  Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover in your life? Something meaningful, thoughtful, and will truly make a difference? Look no further! Our gift certificate for an emotional support animal evaluation is the perfect gift [...]

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Does Having a Pet Reduce Stress?

Anyone who has ever had a dog or cat sit on their lap can attest that there's something automatic about wanting to pet them. Stroking a pet's fur and feeling their warmth brings feelings of comfort. It's no wonder that 98% of American households have one or more pets in their hom [...]

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Can an LMFT write an ESA Letter?

Any pet owner understands the feeling of warmth when a dog greets them at the end of a hard day. For some, however, that feeling is more than “pet love”—it's part of a healing process due to a mental or emotional disorder, in which case the pet could be defined as an emotional su [...]

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Can an LCSW write an ESA letter?

An emotional support animal (ESA) can bring much-needed comfort to individuals with mental health disorders. To qualify for an ESA a licensed medical health professional must attest in an ESA letter that their patient benefits from having an ESA. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker [...]

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