How to Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in California

The sunny Golden State of California is known for its beautiful Pacific Coast beaches and its Hollywood magic. The state is also home to almost 40 million people. According to the California Health Care Foundation, one of the most common health conditions identified in California residents is mental health disorders. 1 in 6 adults experiences [...]

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The Difference Between a Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal

There are significant differences between a service animal and an emotional support animal (ESA), but they have one major thing in common—to help people with a disorder or a disability overcome their hardships. Even though both ESA and service animals are assistance animals, their functions and applicable laws are quite different. This article will help [...]

What Airlines Allow Psychiatric Service Dogs

Are you wondering which airlines accept psychiatric service dogs (PSD)? The great news is that if you’re flying domestically within the United States or between the U.S. and an international destination, then your service dog must be allowed to board free of charge.  If you have a psychiatric service dog, flying with one in the [...]

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Do I Qualify for a Psychiatric Service Dog

If you’re currently seeing a therapist or a doctor to treat an emotional or mental condition, then you might be wondering, "Do I qualify for a psychiatric service dog?" The answer isn’t cut and dry, but there are a few facts about psychiatric service dogs that help you determine if you qualify.  What is a [...]

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How to Make Your ESA Into a Psychiatric Service Dog

In the world of assistance animals, emotional support animals (ESA) are frequently mixed up with psychiatric service dogs (PSD). Both ESAs and PSDs are used by their owners to help with similar types of mental and emotional illnesses and learning disabilities. However, that’s generally where the similarities end. There are key differences between them, including [...]

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