If you have ever asked this question you are probably uncertain who to turn to for help. You’re interested in an ESA Letter to make your pet your official Emotional Support Animal but find the rules and process to be a bit intimidating and confusing. There are also so many options out there when it comes to ESA service providers. Who can you trust? It might feel overwhelming to figure it out, but ESA Doctors can help you answer any questions you have about the ESA certification process.

If you are wondering if ESA Doctors is legitimate, we want you to know that:

  • ESA Doctors is legitimate because we are not a medical clinic and we don’t write ESA letters. Licensed Mental Health Professionals do.
  • ESA Doctors is legitimate because our job is to help connect you directly with an actual Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP). The two of you will then work together to see if you qualify for an ESA letter.

ESA Doctors is the right resource for you to see if you qualify for an ESA letter, if you care about whether the letter will actually work. Oh, and as a bonus? We will continue to help you through any issues you have, even after you qualify for an ESA letter, and at no additional cost.

As Emotional Support Animal Advocates, we are here to support you and your ESA, beyond just getting an ESA letter.

If you are ready to qualify for an ESA letter, click on the link below!

Why you might want an ESA letter

Emotional support dog in a house
An ESA letter allows you to live and fly with your animal, even when normal pets are not allowed.

We know your pet may have functionally been acting as your ESA, perhaps for many years. That might be why you adopted them, to begin with. They may be a source of comfort for mental or emotional distress. But your circumstances may have changed – you may be moving to a “no-pets” building or perhaps you want to fly with your animal companion and now you need the legal protections our country grants to Emotional Support Animals. Or perhaps you do not have a pet yet but are suffering from a mental or emotional illness and want to see if you qualify for an ESA.

If you believe your animal companion is essential for your mental and emotional well-being, you can consider qualifying for an ESA Letter.

But where can you go to get an ESA Letter? You may have tried finding a therapist in person or even asking your physician and was turned away. If you are having a hard time finding someone who is familiar with ESA regulations or qualified to write ESA Letters, we are here to help.

Where ESA Doctors comes in

ESA Doctors is first and foremost, an advocate for Emotional Support Animals and their owners.

But why us specifically? How do you know ESA Doctors is legit and not a scam? How will you know if your ESA letter will actually work?

We have been helping people since 2015 and are your best option for connecting with a real mental health professional licensed to help you in your state.

A great thing about actually caring about our clients is that our clients write reviews so that other people can get the help they received. So don’t take our word for it, let’s go through 5 reasons why you should feel safe asking ESA Doctors for help in the words of our clients.

5 Reasons to choose ESA Doctors – Real reviews from ESA Doctors’ Actual Clients

Reason 1 – Your ESA Letter will help you travel with your ESA.

ESA Doctors Review from C.A. in New York

Passengers with valid ESA letters are able to travel with their ESA in the cabin on all domestic flights and on international flights in and out of the United States. You will be protected by the Air Carrier Access Act which prohibits discrimination against passengers that need emotional support animals.

Reason 2 – Your ESA Letter will help you seek housing accommodations for your ESA.

ESA Doctors Review for Housing by Alex in TX

Emotional Support Animals are also protected for housing purposes. This means that a tenant with a valid ESA letter can live with their ESA in no-pet buildings and cannot be charged additional fees or deposits. ESAs are protected by the Fair Housing Act.

Reason 3 – We can help you year after year.

ESA Doctors Reviews Vanessa MA

Airlines require an annual renewal of your ESA Letter and we are here to help you year after year. If you opt-in for the combo plan you will even be eligible for discounted renewals and we also offer EZ Automatic Renewal because we know you have a lot to worry about and we are happy to take the job of “renewing ESA letter” off your plate.

Reason 4 – We can help you beyond just qualifying for an ESA letter.

ESA Doctors Review by D.C.

Helping you actually utilize your ESA letter is what we are about. We want you to be able to have the best life you can and are here to support you. If you need to get in contact us with, email us at support

[at] esadoctors.com.

Reason 5 – We are enjoyable to work with for a process that can be quite stressful.

ESA Doctor Review from Jasmine in OK

We feel lucky to be able to help you and only work with people who feel the same way! We really care about our clients and their animal companions. Let us know how we can help and we will do our best to support you. We do have some rules set up so we are all on the same page and able to successfully work together. For example, we expect the LMHPs we work with to treat our clients with kindness and respect and we also expect our clients to treat the LMHPs they work with the same kindness and respect.

You may have noticed, we only have a 4.7/5 Star Review for Pricing. So why not 5 Stars for pricing?

We understand that at first glance, it might look like our pricing review isn’t perfect and we understand why some clients may prefer our pricing be lowered. We are aware that the fee is an investment for our clients and we have been doing our best to keep pricing low and we haven’t raised prices in 5 years. The reason why our prices are where they are is that we work with real LMHPs who contact and help you directly. We also have a team that provides customer service for when you need to deal with your landlord or airline. It is important to us that we are able to reach as many people who need our help as possible, but also that we only work with top-notch professionals. You should be very suspicious of any provider offering bargain basement rates – they have likely cut corners in the quality of their service and may not even be using actual licensed professionals. There is nothing worse than spending money on an ESA letter only to find out that it wasn’t legit. ESA Doctors can help you if you are interested in qualifying for a legitimate ESA letter.

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