Are you looking for a pet friendly apartment?

See if you qualify for medical exemption from no pet apartments.

Finding an apartment is difficult. Finding a pet-friendly apartment may feel impossible. If your pet helps with one or more of the following, you may qualify for an Emotional Support Animal:

  • Combats your depression
  • Helps lessen your anxiety
  • Provides needed comfort and companionship
  • Increases happiness and allows you to perform daily tasks

If you qualify for an ESA, “no-pet” apartments are required to accept your pet! In addition, you are not required to pay any pet deposits ($500-$2,000) or increased rent ($50-$250 a month) for your emotional support animal. See if you qualify by taking our quick ESA exam below.


Benefits of emotional support animal certification, commonly known as a therapy pet certification, for your cat or dog 

  • Unlimited access to apartment housing even if they have a no-pet policy
  • Rent the apartment you want, even if they have a specific no dog or cat policy
  • Waive any dog or pet deposits for apartments
  • Waive any excessive monthly pet fees
  • All airline travel fees for your pet (domestic travel) are waived – fly with your cat, dog, or other pet in cabin