Travel Renewal

NOTICE: If you are using your ESA letter for air travel, there is an important development to be aware of for 2021. The Department of Transportation has implemented new rules which give airlines the option to no longer recognize emotional support animals. As a result, most U.S. airlines no longer accept ESAs.

Airlines are still allowing Psychiatric Service Dogs to board flights free of charge. We offer a PSD letter service for clients interested in training their ESAs to become Psychiatric Service Dogs. Air travel renewal clients can opt for a PSD letter instead of a renewed ESA letter.

If you are interested in adding a PSD letter, please click here to continue to our PSD questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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    Lock in your renewal rates this year. You can opt-in for the annual renewal subscription to ensure your ESA is covered. Annual Renewal Subscription will be automatically billed next year. You may CANCEL the subscription at any time before you complete the renewal questionnaire next year.
  • Note: An ID card is an optional accessory that some ESA owners find helpful. An ID card or registration are not required by law.

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  • Notice Regarding Flights: As a result of rule changes by the U.S. Department of Transportation, many airlines are no longer accommodating emotional support animals. Some airlines will still welcome emotional support animals onboard. Please check with your airline directly prior to booking a flight to see what their latest policy is.
  • ESA Doctors and the licensed health professionals that work with us understand that you may be going through a difficult time, and we endeavor to treat everyone with compassion and respect. We also ask clients to be respectful towards their licensed health professionals and our support team. You hereby agree to the following: I understand that the licensed health professionals and customer service team are people just like me. I promise to abide by the golden rule and remain kind to everyone I speak with. If ESA Doctors or my licensed health professional determines that I have threatened anyone or acted inappropriately, I understand my order will be canceled. I understand that I should only submit an order if I am ready as ESA Doctors and the health professionals they work with have limited capacity. I have read the refund policy which will be strictly enforced if I need to cancel my order. Cancellations are subject to a fee and refunds will not be issued for landlord or airline denials, or changes in applicable laws or regulations. I have responded to the questionnaire truthfully and understand that my information may be shared with a licensed health professional and support staff.