In the ESA guidelines from 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing specifically approved the use of online providers to qualify for ESA letters.

What matters:

As long as your ESA letter comes from a qualified licensed healthcare professional, it does not matter whether you were evaluated in person or remotely. That means you can complete the entire process to get a legitimate ESA letter without ever leaving home. 

How we help:

Many services promise to connect you with an ESA professional online, but the one you should trust is ESA Doctors. They have been around for years with an impeccable track record, industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings, and a rare A+ accreditation from the BBB. 

We have state-specific expertise.

When getting an ESA letter online, the provider should ensure your ESA letter meets both state and federal requirements. For example, did you know in California, there is a 30-day waiting period for new ESA letters? Or that federal housing guidelines specifically dictate how ESA letters should be written?

Final thoughts:

ESA Doctors works with healthcare professionals that are licensed in your state and understand the latest ESA rules. They also appreciate the value of emotional support animals and treat their clients with respect and care. If you can’t obtain an ESA letter in person due to cost, scheduling, or lack of a provider, ESA Doctors offers a convenient, affordable, and 100% online alternative. 

Where can I get an ESA letter online? - ESA Doctors

If you’re not seeing a therapist in person or your doctor is unaware of the benefits of an emotional support animal, see if you qualify for an ESA online. 

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