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Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs Change Lives

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The love and support from an animal can make all the difference. Everyone deserves access to the help they need.

ESA Doctors helps people connect with licensed healthcare professionals for ESA and PSD Letters.  We have a decade of experience, have assisted 70,000+ clients, and are true experts in this space. You can count on us to help you if you encounter any problems with your landlord or airline.

We are rewarded by our clients with a 5-star rating and an A+ score. We are honored to assist you.

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Understand Your Rights

Based on the Fair Housing laws for Emotional Support Animals, you can live with your ESA in no-pet buildings without incurring fees or restrictions. Our team can help you understand the legal requirements and obtain a legally compliant ESA Letter.

Psychiatric Service Dogs have travel rights and public access rights, just as Service Dogs do. Federal and state ESA laws protect both ESAs and Service Dogs. The dedicated healthcare professionals and customer service team we work with are reliable and qualified experts in this field. We do things the right way, so you can feel confident.

Emotional Support Animal

Certify your ESA for Housing Rights

Landlords and HOAs are legally required to accept ESAs for housing:

– access to “no-pet” buildings

– no pet rent, fees, or deposits allowed

– exempt from breed and weight restrictions

For animals that provide support (love) for emotional disabilities

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Psychiatric Service Dog

Qualify for a PSD Letter for Travel Ease

Airlines, landlords, and hotels are legally required to accept PSDs:

– welcomed by airlines free of charge

– access to “no-pet” buildings

– public access including hotels and stores

For dogs trained to perform tasks to aid in a disabilities

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Simple Flat-rate Pricing

Connect with a licensed healthcare professional and receive a signed letter.


Standard ESA process:

  • mental health assessment
  • documentation


ESA Plus

Same as ESA plan, plus:

  • priority support
  • discounted yearly renewal at $99



Standard ESA process:

  • mental health assessment
  • documentation


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