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A word about online reviews and why you should always do additional research before choosing a legitimate ESA service provider

Hello to our ESA Family,

We are so happy that you have decided to take the first step in improving your emotional and mental health. Raising your hand and seeking help is often easier said than done. We are so glad we have been able to aid you in this process.

Some of you have kindly asked to write positive reviews for us on sites such as ShopperApproved, TrustPilot, and the BBB. We are grateful that you are willing to share your experience with others so they can find the help that you found. You can also help by referring friends and family who may benefit from an ESA’s love. Much of our business comes through word of mouth, and we are humbled that clients entrust us with their loved ones. For clients that do leave us a review, we use an independent third party to ensure that reviews we display are from verified clients and 100% authentic. We want to take this time to explain to prospective clients why they should be wary of online reviews and why ESA Doctors believes in never pressuring a client to leave a review.

Qualifying for a legitimate ESA Letter can be a difficult and private decision

In our humble opinion, ESA handlers do not need to disclose to anyone other than their landlord and the airline representative that their pet is actually an Emotional Support Animal. We value client confidentiality and also understand there is still an unfortunate stigma surrounding mental illness that worries some clients. We also understand that recalling your past history can sometimes be triggering. Sharing your experience with your ESA is a personal decision, and we never use high pressure tactics in order to boost review statistics.

Online reviews can be unreliable and the work of marketing companies or competitors

Did you know companies can hire marketing firms who use contractors in other countries to flood their online presence with fake reviews? Companies can also post reviews on their websites without any form of third party verification that the reviews are real. Unscrupulous competitors can also leave fake reviews on sites that do not verify whether the reviewer is an actual client or not. We do not support this type of unethical behavior. We instead ask our clients to share their experience with people they love and care about. For quality control, we sometimes survey random groups of clients and invite them, if they feel comfortable doing so, to leave us feedback.

If you would like our help qualifying for an ESA letter by working with a licensed mental health professional, we would be happy to assist you. 

We partner with an independent third party to ensure we are displaying only verified clients leaving real reviews

ESA Doctors Legitimate Review By Kathleen

We have partnered with an independent third party, Shopper Approved, to ensure that the reviews we display are 100% legitimate. We take care to ensure that any reviews we collect are from real, verified clients. We don’t pressure our clients to write reviews, but if they volunteer to do so, we have taken measures to ensure those reviews are authentic.

We want our clients to be well informed. You should not just rely on online reviews to feel confident about your ESA provider

We want our clients to choose us because they know that we are familiar with the ESA process and ESA laws, including the Fair Housing Act, the Air Carrier Access Act. We work hard to keep up with the latest developments in ESA laws and continually publish articles to educate our clients. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous providers out there that offer fake or scam ESA letter services. Knowledgeable clients understand why we provide the best service for legitimate ESA letters. We also like educating our clients because we know the approval process can be intimidating at first, and landlords and airlines can sometimes put up resistance. We have reliably helped thousands of satisfied clients obtain valid ESA letters since 2015 with compassion and integrity.

If you would like to learn more about ESA Doctor’s policy and culture, please read this article.

How to Qualify for a Legitimate ESA Letter?

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If you need support, we would be happy to pair you with a therapist. Click on the image above

We recommend seeking advice from your personal therapist or doctor first. From there, if you believe you would benefit from having an ESA, you can work with ESA Doctors to get an ESA letter. An ESA letter is a document from a licensed mental health professional that shows you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. 

Your first step is to fill out an ESA Questionniare and opt in for the plan best suited for you. Next, ESA Doctors will connect you with a legitimate and real licensed mental health professional that understands the power of an animal’s support and can assist with your ESA request. We have been advocating for Emotional Support Animals for half a decade and work with people who share our mission. 

If you are ready to get started on qualifying for a legitimate ESA letter online, complete the questionnaire in the link below.


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