Qualifying for an emotional support animal (ESA) to help cope with your mental and emotional health issues is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make. It’s critical to obtain your ESA documentation from a reputable source so you can live and travel with your ESA with confidence. A legitimate ESA letter provides a legal shield that protects you and your ESA from no-pet policies, fees and deposits, and harassment from landlords.  

When choosing a provider, you should research client reviews to see what other people have experienced. Online reviews however can be misleading – they’re easy to generate and manipulate by unethical companies. When looking at reviews, you should make sure that they are collected by an independent third party and are actually verified to be authentic. 

Operating since 2015, ESA Doctors is one of the oldest and most highly rated services for legitimate ESA letters online and has a loyal client following. ESA Doctors only uses trusted independent review aggregators to collect honest and verified reviews from real clients who have successfully qualified for an ESA through ESADoctors.com.

ESA Doctors has a 5 Star Excellence Award for client service and is also one of the few ESA providers that is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  

ESA Doctors has three primary missions: 

  1. Advocate

    We act as advocates for emotional support animal owners everywhere by educating our community on ESA regulations and rights. We focus on the latest developments in Federal and State rules. 

  2. Provide Access

    We work to give clients with mental and emotional health issues access to licensed healthcare professionals that can evaluate whether an ESA recommendation is right for them. Every licensed professional we work with is knowledgeable about ESA regulations and cares about the needs of ESA owners. These professionals are able to write legitimate ESA recommendations that really work.  

  3. Support

    We stand by clients throughout the process of getting their emotional support animal approved by their landlord or airline. We understand how confusing and intimidating the process can be for first time owners, and continue to support our clients in dealing with any issues that may come up, even long after they receive their ESA letter. 

ESADoctors.com is by far the best ESA service provider online, but don’t just take our word for it!

You can read genuine, unedited and independently verified testimonials from some of our clients below. Perhaps the greatest compliment we receive from clients is how many of them trust us to also help their family and friends who they have referred.

If you’re still on the fence and have any questions or concerns about anything ESA related, please reach out to us! We would be happy to help you without any pressure to commit to anything. 

I recommend this website to anyone considering trying to get an ESA letter. I appreciate that there are many questions and they are pretty in depth to stop people from taking advantage of the system. It bothers me how many people abuse the system, making it harder for people who really need an ESA. It is also very easy to contact them for any assistance. They always respond in a very timely manner which is very helpful. I only use my letter for airline travel so often I need assistance very quickly and I’ve never been let down!

ESADoctors.com review from Coco

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Beware of scam online services that do not follow proper procedures and offer fake and fraudulent ESA letters. In the ever-changing landscape of ESA regulations, our team works diligently to ensure compliance with the latest federal laws, including the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act, and guidance from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing.

As Emotional Support Animal advocates, ESA Doctors’ job is to help you seek reasonable accommodations without fear of intimidation.

We are passionate about ESA rights and believe ESAs can change lives in profound ways. We understand how difficult it is to seek help and the stress that comes with dealing with landlords and airlines. For those reasons and many more, we serve all of our clients with compassion, care and professionalism. ESA Doctors’ mission is to help the millions suffering from mental and emotional disabilities live happier and healthier lives.