Reviews from actual and verified ESA Doctors Customers

Since 2015, ESA Doctors has helped thousands of satisfied clients use legitimate ESA letters to successfully request accommodations from landlords and airlines. You can see some of ESA Doctors’ reviews below – each review is collected from an actual verified customer by a third party.

ESA Doctors is a technology company that connects people with licensed mental health professionals who are able to provide assessments and emotional support animal recommendations.

Very easy and straightforward process. I like the fact that my paperwork was completed by the same therapist 2 years in a row. It gives a sense of continuity that I am sure is appreciated by the landlord/airline that is requesting the letter or form.”

Vanessa from MA

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Beware of scam online services that do not follow proper procedures and offer fake and fraudulent ESA letters. In the ever-changing landscape of ESA regulations, our team works diligently to ensure compliance with the latest federal laws, including the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act, and guidance from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing.

As Emotional Support Animal advocates, ESA Doctors’ job is to help you seek reasonable accommodations without fear of intimidation.

We are passionate about ESA rights and believe ESAs can change lives in profound ways. We understand how difficult it is to seek help and the stress that comes with dealing with landlords and airlines. For those reasons and many more, we serve all of our clients with compassion, care and professionalism. ESA Doctors’ mission is to help the millions suffering from mental and emotional disabilities live happier and healthier lives.