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There is an unfortunate lack of general awareness regarding the real facts surrounding support animals. Myths and misinformation continue to persist about these valuable companions. Our goal is to properly educate ESA owners, service dog handlers, businesses, housing providers, staff at public venues and the public at large. 

We want to be the people you trust with all your ESA and service dog questions. 

The editorial team’s goal is to provide content that’s accurate, reliable, credible, interesting, and actionable. Our articles are independently produced and are not sponsored or influenced by brands or advertisers. Each article is reviewed by an editor before publication.

Fact Checking

We check all articles for accuracy and use original sources for reporting and linking when appropriate. We aim to cite reliable, current, and trustworthy sources and make a conscious effort to do so. The primary sources we turn to are Fair Housing and ADA guidelines. 


We do not publish personal attacks against any individuals, businesses or housing providers. Our goal is to foster understanding of assistance animals by informing them with kindness and empathy. 

We take an objective approach any time we cover topics of a more sensitive nature. We also strictly oppose any content that promotes any sort of cruelty or danger to animals. We take great care to create original content and not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights. 


Mistakes happen. And on the rare occasion they do, we have standards in place to ensure we correct for those mistakes. Those standards include rewriting what’s necessary and sending the content back through a complete review and opening up dialogue within our team all over again.

We welcome feedback if there is any piece of content that requires correction. We’ll strive to make any corrections in a timely manner. Articles regarding certain developments or changes generally cover a specific time or event, so they are not updated regularly. To submit any corrections, simply send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Why trust us?

We are ESA experts that have been in the industry for over a decade. We’re a family-run business composed of real live humans that are located in the U.S. Everyone on our team is an animal lover and advocate for mental health awareness. All of the ESA healthcare professionals we work with operate independently and are state-licensed.   

When developing our content, we conduct extensive research, analyzing pros and cons, client feedback, and more. Given our industry experience and reach, we have seen everything and gained valuable insight into the ESA and service dog process that we love to share with our readers. 


Like nearly every other source of ESA and service dog information online, it’s clear we sell a service. In fact, many of the topics we cover are at least peripherally related to the services that we offer. Regardless of what we sell, you can still trust us to be a reliable source of information for your questions about ESAs and service dogs. 

Our editorial team is separate from our products and sales teams. We remind our writers and editors that the purpose of our articles is to give readers accurate information — not sell them on anything. We also let readers know what alternatives are available to them and inform them about free resources.