Pricing Plan

We are so happy you have found us! With us, not only do you get the help you need for a flat fee, you will also work with a compassionate licensed healthcare professional experienced with letters for emotional support animals (ESA) and psychiatric service dogs (PSD). The single fee covers the assessment and issuance of an authentic ESA letter or PSD letter.

We understand that seeking help can be difficult, both personally and financially. We hope that anyone who reaches out to us gets the support they need. If the healthcare professional determines that you do not qualify for an ESA or PSD letter, we will return your money at our expense so you can seek help in other ways.

Emotional Support Animal

Qualify for an ESA
with a legitimate ESA letter

  • Assessment by a Licensed Professional
  • Signed ESA Letter on the provider’s letterhead
  • Can be submitted to your landlord for ESA accommodation
  • ESAs are exempt from residential pet restrictions
  • Digital Delivery
  • Optional discounted yearly renewal
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Psychiatric Service Dog

Know if you qualify for a PSD
with a PSD letter

  • Assessment by a Licensed Professional
  • Signed PSD Letter on the provider’s letterhead
  • Establishes whether you have a qualifying condition
  • PSDs can board flights in the cabin, free of charge
  • Digital Delivery
  • Optional discounted yearly renewal
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We work with state-licensed healthcare professionals knowledgeable about assistance animal letters, and our dedicated U.S.-based support team will be there to help you at every step. 

What you can expect working with ESA Doctors:

  • Your licensed healthcare professional will contact you directly.
  • If you qualify, your LHCP will provide you with a letter based on federal and state regulations. 
  • Your LHCP commits to privacy rules for your safety and security. 
  • You and your landlord will be able to verify your LHCP’s licensing information.
  • Our expert support team will provide you with helpful information for housing and air travel. 
  • Even after you are approved for a letter, we will continue to help you and work as your advocate.

If you have any questions, please email us at We would be happy to assist you! 

You are more than just a number to uswe care about your wellbeing.

Start here for an ESA letter – ESA Questionnaire

Start here for a PSD letter – PSD Questionnaire