Pricing Plan

We believe that everyone suffering deserves help, regardless of their financial situation. Our online platform connects clients wondering whether they may qualify for an emotional support animal to licensed mental health professionals.

We understand that seeking help can be hard, both personally and financially. Our hope is that everyone who reaches out to us gets the help they need, and if your LMHP does not qualify you for an ESA letter, we will return your money at our expense so you can seek help in other ways. To avoid conflicts of interest, your LMHP’s compensation is not tied to outcomes.


We understand many individuals who need help have limited resources, so we work hard to keep our prices low while still prioritizing quality. We are proud to say our standard prices have not increased in 5 years. We work with licensed mental health professionals knowledgeable about ESA letters and our dedicated client support team will be there to help you at every step. Here is what you can expect if you work with ESA Doctors:

  • Your licensed mental health professional will contact you directly.
  • If you qualify, your LMHP will provide you with an ESA recommendation letter based on federal and state regulations.
  • Your LMHP commits to privacy rules for your safety and security. You, your landlord and the airline will be able to verify your LMHP’s licensing information.
  • Our expert support team will provide you with helpful information for air travel and housing.
  • Even after you are approved for an ESA letter or if you do not qualify, we will continue to help you and work as your advocate.

You are more than just a number to us and we care about your wellbeing.