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Hello! It’s so nice to meet you! We are ESADoctors, advocates for animals and mental health support. We are a family (and friends!) run business, and our family is happy to help yours.

PS. That’s a picture of Buddy. He inspired all this.


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Our Story

ESA Doctors started a decade ago when Buddy helped our founder on his path out of depression. He knew he needed Buddy by his side but struggled to find housing inclusive of his best supporter.

He discovered that emotional support animals have federally protected housing rights. But finding a therapist or doctor with the right expertise was challenging.

His therapist was helpful but unfamiliar with ESAs and did not want to write an ESA letter for him and deal with his landlord.

Although federal protections were in place, he found little useful information online, so exercising these rights proved difficult. Eventually, he found a therapist who could help him take the necessary steps to legally qualify for an emotional support animal.

Our mission is to bring access to care to anyone who needs it. No one should have to struggle for months to find help like our founder had to.

Composed of a team of animal lovers, we serve our community and consistently go above and beyond. We will help you and your ESA and PSD.

Our Mission

1) Make mental healthcare and ESAs accessible to more people.

There is a dividing line in this country between the haves and have-nots when it comes to getting attention for mental health. Our services offer the help of a licensed professional for no-surprise flat fee rates.

2) Educate animal owners and the public about assistance animal rights.

It seems sometimes there are more falsehoods and myths about ESAs and service dogs than real facts on the internet. We regularly publish articles that highlight the latest regulatory developments and truthful, practical information about assistance animals.

3) Help our clients get real ESA letters they can actually use.

We only work with independent mental health professionals that are state licensed: Only they are permitted to write ESA letters that are legally sound and effective. We work with passionate and compassionate providers who back their clients.

4) Destigmatize and promote conversation around assistance animals.

There is still a stigma attached to needing help for mental health problems. ESA and PSD owners are also frequently accused of faking their disabilities or having made up rights. We work so ESA and psychiatric service dog (PSD) owners/handlers can lead dignified lives and to correct public perception about them.

5) Advocate for the rights of assistance animal owners.

It takes courage to admit you have a mental health issue and to confront a landlord with an accommodation request for an ESA or PSD. We work with our clients to ease the process and give them the confidence to move forward.

Let us help you start your journey today!

Have a question about Emotional Support Animals or Psychiatric Service Dogs?

Just reach out to us. We are happy to help. If you’re ready to see if you qualify for an ESA or PSD, come see why over 70,000 clients have entrusted us over the past decade with protecting their best friend.


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