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Your responses will be provided to a licensed mental health professional who will help determine whether an ESA is right for you.

Your answers to the ESA questionnaire are kept confidential.

Order confirmed

After completing the questionnaire, you will submit payment via our secure and encrypted payment page. Rest assured, your card information is safe.

You will receive an email confirming you’re on your way.

A licensed mental health professional will send you a consent form so you can work together towards qualifying for an emotional support animal. 

We are proud to work with independent LMHPs who are compassionate towards their clients.


Your licensed mental health professional will begin their assessment. They will use their independent judgment and expertise to determine if you qualify for an emotional support animal.  

The assessment is done privately and kept confidential.

Get your ESA Letter

If your licensed professional determines that you qualify for an ESA letter, you will receive a digital copy within 1-3 business days.

You can then submit your ESA letter to your landlord, Co-Op, or HOA. If your LMHP doesn’t believe you qualify for an ESA for any reason, you will be entitled to 100% of your money back.

*Pictured: Sample ESA letter for reference only.

Continued support & renewal

Our support team will provide ongoing help if you run into any issues using your ESA letter or have any questions. We’ll also send you friendly reminders when your ESA letter is due for renewal.