Who Can Write an ESA Letter?

Many individuals with an emotional or mental disability live with emotional support animals (ESA). These animal companions are more than just pets — caring for an emotional support animal gives people who struggle with their mental health a sense of purpose, and their presence is [...]

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Where Can You Take a Psychiatric Service Dog

Unlike emotional support animals (ESA), you can take a psychiatric service dog (PSD) anywhere a service dog can go. Whether it’s on an airplane, in a hotel, or out in a public park, a psychiatric service dog can accompany its handler just about anywhere. What is a Psychiatric Ser [...]

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How to Get an ESA Letter for Housing in 2022

If you’re considering qualifying for an emotional support animal letter, also known as an ESA letter, you can still obtain one in 2022. Getting an official emotional support animal letter is essential to having a valid ESA and receiving protection under federal and state laws. Le [...]

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Best Breeds for Emotional Support Animals

Although an emotional support animal (ESA) can be many types of animals, most ESAs are dogs. Choosing the right dog breed as an ESA may take some deliberation. Here are 8 dog breeds with traits that are beneficial for an ESA.  What is an Emotional Support Animal Emotional su [...]

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How to Make Your Landlord Love Your ESA

You adore your emotional support animal (ESA). And you’re probably baffled when other people don’t immediately feel the same way. After all, your ESA helps you feel connected and calm. If other people could experience these emotions with your ESA, they would understand why your a [...]

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How to Get an ESA Letter in Illinois

Emotional support animals are vital to the well-being of their owners, but they are subject to both state and federal laws. These laws provide the animals more rights than the average pet but do not allow them the same access as a service animal.  ESA owners, however, still have [...]

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