Why Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed Inside Airplanes?

It is estimated that tens of thousands of service and emotional support animals board planes on a yearly basis. This is a lot of uncaged critters. It’s most likely obvious to those aboard the aircraft why a specially trained service dog is accompanying the person, but what about the emotional support animals?

Many individuals who suffer […]

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What is the Fair Housing Act for Emotional Support Animals?

If you suffer from an emotional or mental disability you and your emotional support animal have rights to fair housing. Read on if you or a loved one has an ESA and want to know more about the Fair Housing Act; it could be the most important article you read today.

Service Animal or Emotional Support […]

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How to Train a Dog to Be an Emotional Support Animal

Although emotional support animals do not have to be as highly trained as a service dog, there are some things you will want to consider when choosing a dog intended for emotional support or training one you already pet parent.

Read on as we delve into the realm of emotional support dogs. We will include the […]

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Can an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Help with my Anxiety?

We all have our down days, but some people have them more often than others.  There are also those who are perpetually depressed or anxious. Many treatments are available for various anxiety disorders ranging from prescription medication to ongoing therapy, or a combination of these. One such treatment is the use of an Emotional Support […]

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How to fly with a large emotional support dog

Whenever you are planning on flying with a large emotional support dog, make sure to follow these tips to make your trip less stressful and enjoyable for you and your dog. Below are some tips, tricks, and hacks for flying with a large ESA dog. If you have questions abut qualifying for an emotional support animal, […]

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Can I Get My Emotional Support Animal Certification Online?

Yes! You Can Legally Get Your ESA Certification Online
Contrary to popular belief, many people who are looking to certify their pets as their emotional support animal may be swayed into thinking that they are not allowed to get an Emotional Support Animal online. However, what many people do not know is that you can begin […]

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Top Animal Rescues and Shelters in California

In the state of California, way too many animals have a life that is way too short.  These loving souls are found abandoned, abused, and alone.  For many, the next step is a shelter and a short walk to the end of the line.  But, there are places trying to change that and give these […]

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Emotional Support Animal Regulations and Rules

Battling mental illness is a massive feat. There are so many different ways in which individuals can undergo treatment. An emerging area of therapy is through the support of emotional support animals (ESAs). ESAs can become a companion in the uphill battle against psychological disabilities. The following is meant as a general guide on emotional support […]

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Finding Pet Friendly Apartments in Your City

Moving is always a stressful time for everyone involved.  This tends to be even more true if your family includes a pet.  Pet friendly apartments can seem almost impossible to find.  Even worse,  a lot of places only accept certain types or sizes of pets making finding a perfect apartment for you and your fur […]

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How Many Emotional Support Animals Can You Have?

Can a person have more than one emotional support animal? Can a person with a disability have more than one ESA at home? Can a person have two dogs, a cat and several birds in their home as emotional support pets? This is a reality for some people suffering from a disability, but does this have any legal implications?
Multiple […]

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