How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Nevada

The Silver State provides many ideal running areas for dogs, and surveys agree: Nevada cities received high grades for their access to dog parks and walking areas. If you’d like to bring your dog to a restaurant, Nevada has several dog-friendly options. All these benefits are favorable to get an emotional support animal in Nevada. 

You […]

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How to get an ESA in Colorado

Colorado is the place dogs must dream about, with its clear skies, mountain landscape, and endless space to run free. Ask any local from Colorado, and they’ll tell you that it is the ideal place to have a dog. Winning top spots as one of the nation’s best and dog-friendliest states makes it all the […]

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Can a Puppy Qualify as an Emotional Support Animal?

People living with a mental illness, whether it be anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, may find comfort when they have their pet close by. And for many a cute, playful puppy dog may be especially therapeutic. The age of the ESA does not matter as long as the handler is approved to own an Emotional […]

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Will an Emotional Support Dog Help With Loneliness?

There is a huge difference between coming home to a silent, empty house versus coming home to an enthusiastic, tail-wagging dog. Being greeted with so much adoration and love lifts the mood and makes life more bearable. So, can a dog help with loneliness? Most definitely.

An Emotional Support Dog may help

Loneliness may be an underlining […]

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How to Send an ESA Letter to your Landlord

To share an ESA Letter with your landlord or real estate agency you can follow a very simple 2 steps approach: Notify and share. As we’ll mention in this article, be aware of your rights and know how to defend them in case your landlord is not willing to comply. But before you can speak […]

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How to Get ESA Pet Fees and Deposits Refunded as an ESA Owner

…and How to Protect Yourself as a Landlord

Under the Fair Housing Act, housing providers such as landlords, Co-Ops and HOAs cannot charge their tenants fees, deposits, and surcharges in connection with their emotional support animals (ESAs). ESAs are not considered pets for purposes of Fair Housing rules and must be allowed even in buildings that […]

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7 Excuses Landlords, HOA’s, and Condos Can’t Use to Deny an Emotional Support Animal

We will explore commonly used excuses that housing providers give to deny tenants their right to live with an emotional support animal. The intent of this article is to answer questions and provide helpful information to tenants requesting ESA accommodation from their landlords and also to educate landlords on what they should avoid when faced […]

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Remote Online ESA Services From Licensed Therapists

You may use the services of a therapist or health care provider who works remotely to qualify your pet as an emotional support animal. A properly licensed therapist can help determine whether an ESA is right for you through online services.

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Emotional Support Animals for Bipolar Disorder

How do Emotional Support Animals benefit people with bipolar disorder?

Animals are quick at recognizing emotional changes in human beings. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) provide ease and companionship during times of distress. They can also encourage handlers with bipolar disorder to interact with the outside world, which provides further opportunities to socialize and engage in physical […]

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U.S. Department of Housing Issues New 2020 Rules for Emotional Support Animals

On January 28th, 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued new guidance regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in housing. In this recent guidance, HUD recognizes the crucial role that Emotional Support Animals can have in the lives of their owners.

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