Do ESA Letters Expire? How Do I Renew Mine?

Why You Should Renew your ESA Documentation 

Some emotional support animal (ESA) owners have faced the misfortune of submitting an ESA request to their landlord or airline and being rejected because their paperwork is outdated. Owners of ESAs frequently ask if and when their ESA documentation actually expires. As we will explain, the answer to whether […]

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Florida Passes New 2020 Law for Emotional Support Animals: What Every ESA Owner Needs to Know

Florida recently passed new laws governing emotional support animals (ESA) which go into effect on July 1, 2020. These new laws clarify how residents of Florida can properly qualify for an emotional support animal and affirm the special rights ESA owners have. These rules were also intended to address a growing concern that tenants are […]

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How Do I Make My Dog an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional support dogs are becoming an increasingly popular option for people coping with mental and emotional health issues. Many current dog owners are aware of the therapeutic benefits and support their canine friends provide. An emotional support animal is a type of legally recognized assistance animal that is allowed to accompany their owner in residential […]

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Emotional Support Animal Beginner’s Guide

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is more than a pet. The ESA is part of the treatment for individuals suffering from a psychological or mental illness, such as anxiety, depression or PTSD. They provide comfort and support to their handlers in times of need. The most common type of ESA is an Emotional Support Dog, […]

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Will Disneyland and Disney World Resorts Allow Emotional Support Dogs?

Disney Resorts pride themselves on being welcoming to visitors from all walks of life. They have made their parks accessible to people with disabilities and even recognize the need for Service Animals. Individuals with Service Dogs have access to most areas within Disney Resorts. However, Emotional Support Animals (ESA)—animals that provide therapeutic companionship for individuals […]

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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Nevada

The Silver State provides many ideal running areas for dogs, and surveys agree: Nevada cities received high grades for their access to dog parks and walking areas. If you’d like to bring your dog to a restaurant, Nevada has several dog-friendly options. All these benefits are favorable to get an emotional support animal in Nevada. 

You […]

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How to get an ESA in Colorado

Colorado is the place dogs must dream about, with its clear skies, mountain landscape, and endless space to run free. Ask any local from Colorado, and they’ll tell you that it is the ideal place to have a dog. Winning top spots as one of the nation’s best and dog-friendliest states makes it all the […]

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Can a Puppy Qualify as an Emotional Support Animal?

People living with a mental illness, whether it be anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, may find comfort when they have their pet close by. And for many a cute, playful puppy dog may be especially therapeutic. The age of the ESA does not matter as long as the handler is approved to own an Emotional […]

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Will an Emotional Support Dog Help With Loneliness?

There is a huge difference between coming home to a silent, empty house versus coming home to an enthusiastic, tail-wagging dog. Being greeted with so much adoration and love lifts the mood and makes life more bearable. So, can a dog help with loneliness? Most definitely.

An Emotional Support Dog may help

Loneliness may be an underlining […]

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How to Send an ESA Letter to your Landlord

To share an ESA Letter with your landlord or real estate agency you can follow a very simple 2 steps approach: Notify and share. As we’ll mention in this article, be aware of your rights and know how to defend them in case your landlord is not willing to comply. But before you can speak […]

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