Best Small Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

If you’re looking for an emotional support dog, you may want to think about a small dog. With their compact size and cute barking, small dogs can brighten up any day. Whoever said that the best things come in small packages was probably talking about a dog! What Is an Emotional S [...]

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How to Fly with a Psychiatric Service Dog

Flying with your dog can be stressful — you don’t want to risk sending them in a crate with baggage. If the airline can lose your luggage, they can lose your dog. Before January 2021, you were allowed to fly with your dog in the cabin of the plane if you qualified for an Emotiona [...]

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Does Having a Pet Reduce Stress?

Anyone who has ever had a dog or cat sit on their lap can attest that there's something automatic about wanting to pet them. Stroking a pet's fur and feeling their warmth brings feelings of comfort. It's no wonder that 98% of American households have one or more pets in their hom [...]

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What Has Your Pet Trained You to Do?

When it comes to pets, sometimes you have to wonder who owns who? In attempting to get our pets to adapt to our life... we find ourselves adapting to theirs. Here are a few hilarious examples of how our pets train us to perform.  1. Cat as Queen of the Bed No cat wants [...]

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Best Big Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

When it comes to being the best emotional support dogs, tiny lapdogs don’t have the monopoly on comfort. Big dog breeds can offer the same companionship and cuddles as smaller-sized dogs.  According to the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), pets improve mental hea [...]

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Where to Get an ESA Letter in Florida

If you want your pet to be your emotional support animal (ESA) in Florida, you need to get an ESA letter. This article is for residents of Florida who are looking for the best way to get a Florida-compliant ESA letter.  If you are ready to connect online with a licensed [...]

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