How to get an Emotional Support Animal in Mississippi

The fact that more and more therapists and licensed mental health professionals are recommending Emotional Support Animals to their patients is a real testament to the therapeutic benefits they provide.
And unlike a certified Service Dog, an ESA can be of any species, so if you are a person that is allergic to the traditional animals […]

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Scientific Evidence that Dogs are Good for You

Dogs have been coexisting with humans for thousands of years. They have been our closest allies since the days we were roaming the plains as hunters and gatherers. Dogs have evolved needing us, but have we evolved needing them?
Dogs Can Lower Stress
According to a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, conducted at […]

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Does my Emotional Support Animal Need an ESA Vest?

Does my emotional support animal (ESA) have to wear a vest? The answer is no.  While the answer may seem simple enough, the laws and rights concerning service and support animals can be confusing.  Many people tend to confuse the roles of emotional support animals and service animals.  While both provide vital services, it is […]

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What Does an Airline Approved ESA Letter Look Like?

In this post, we will cover the requirements airlines will be looking for in the ESA letter, why it’s important not to fake an ESA letter, and what a legitimate emotional support letter needs to include.

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How Can an Emotional Support Animal Help with Depression?

Emotional Support Animals, by definition, aim to provide comfort and companionship to alleviate mental health issues by their presence, working on an individual scale. Studies have shown some of the benefits of companion pets. According to one study, conducted a study where college students where observed in their cardiovascular behavior in their interaction with dogs. […]

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How Can an Emotional Support Animal Help a Person with Anxiety?

According to the study, “The power of support from companion animals…,” there were significant findings for the benefits of canine companionship for those with PTSD, feelings of loneliness, depression, worry, and irritability. When it comes to people with anxiety, the study stated that owners could conclusively tell when animals could sense when support for mental […]

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How to Get a Therapy Animal

Therapy Animals have more training than emotional support animals but are typically trained to interact with multiple people. Deployed as stress-relievers, they often are seen in hospitals, airports, and college campuses. Usually, these animals are used in “animal-assisted therapy” in nursing homes and help build rapport between a therapist and a child. Their public access […]

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Emotional Support Animal Laws for Housing

Emotional Support Animal Laws – Housing
Do I have to pay additional rent for my ESA? (NO)
Can a landlord ask for proof for an ESA? (YES, it’s called an ESA letter)
Can my landlord deny my ESA dog because it is a pit bull or other breed? (NO)
Can my landlord enforce weight […]

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Can my Bird Qualify as an Emotional Support Animal?

When individuals think of service  or emotional support animals, they often associate them with dogs or cats.  Dogs are the most common service animals because they are specifically trained to perform a job for an individual with a disability.  It is important not to confuse service animals with emotional support animals.  Service animals (dogs and […]

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How to get an Emotional Support Animal in Missouri

The laws regarding emotional support animals are federal and therefore must be followed by all states.  The process for designating an animal as an emotional support animal is the same for all states, including Missouri. 

Emotional Support Animal Letter

For an animal to be considered an emotional support animal the owner must have an ESA letter stating […]

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