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Qualifying for an emotional support animal (ESA) to help cope with your mental and emotional health issues is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make. It’s critical to obtain your ESA documentation from a reputable source so you can live and travel with your ESA with confidence. A legitimate ESA letter provides a […]

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Can I Get an ESA Letter Before Adopting a Dog?

You must have an ESA letter if you would like to make your pet your Emotional Support Animal. An ESA letter is for you, not for your specific Emotional Support Animal. You can qualify for an ESA letter at anytime and even before you adopt an ESA. An ESA letter should be renewed annually.

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How to Get an ESA Letter in California

The great news, if you live in California, is that residents of the Golden State have some of the most progressive state laws relating to emotional support animals (ESAs) in the country. In addition to the protections offered under federal law, California has also demonstrated that it will punish landlords that fail to accommodate emotional […]

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7 Red Flags- Don’t Be Scammed By Fake ESA Letters

Imagine that you’re in the process of seeing if you qualify an emotional support animal (ESA). You’re excited about the benefits an ESA can provide but also overwhelmed by all of the options online offering ESA letters.

You find a company that you’re not certain about but you pull the trigger anyway. They offer instant approval for […]

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Feds Issue New Airline Rules for Flying with Emotional Support Animals – 2019

The rules governing ESAs under the ACAA were sometimes subject to debate and interpreted differently by those in the airline industry and travelers. The DOT's guidance gives greater clarity to ESA owners on what their rights are when it comes to flying with an ESA.

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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

If you live in Florida, you can also take advantage of the benefits of having an emotional support animal to help with your mental health needs. See if qualify.

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Can My Veterinarian Write an ESA Letter For Me?

In short, no. Veterinarians cannot write an ESA letter because veterinarians are not specifically and legally qualified in the fields of mental health to make that judgment. Only a licensed mental health professional such as a Licensed Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatric. Now, here’s the longer explanation as to why that’s the case:

A client […]

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How to get an Emotional Support Animal in Mississippi

The fact that more and more therapists and licensed mental health professionals are recommending Emotional Support Animals to their patients is a real testament to the therapeutic benefits they provide.
And unlike a certified Service Dog, an ESA can be of any species, so if you are a person that is allergic to the traditional animals […]

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Scientific Evidence that Dogs are Good for You

Dogs have been coexisting with humans for thousands of years. They have been our closest allies since the days we were roaming the plains as hunters and gatherers. Dogs have evolved needing us, but have we evolved needing them?
Dogs Can Lower Stress
According to a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, conducted at […]

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Does my Emotional Support Animal Need an ESA Vest?

Does my emotional support animal (ESA) have to wear a vest? The answer is no.  While the answer may seem simple enough, the laws and rights concerning service and support animals can be confusing.  Many people tend to confuse the roles of emotional support animals and service animals.  While both provide vital services, it is […]

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