What To Do With Your Esa Letter After You Get It

Congratulations, your therapist or doctor just approved you for an emotional support animal and gave you a signed ESA letter!  Once you receive your ESA letter, your pet — or future pet — has officially qualified as an emotional support animal. As an ESA owner, you have special rights for housing — including the ability [...]

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How Do I Make My Dog an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional support dogs have become a popular option for people coping with mental and emotional health issues. Many dog owners are aware of the therapeutic benefits and support their canine friends provide. An emotional support dog is a legally recognized assistance animal that is allowed to accompany its owner in residences free of charge (even [...]

7 Excuses Landlords, HOA’s, and Condos Can’t Use to Deny an Emotional Support Animal

We will explore commonly used excuses that housing providers give to deny tenants their right to live with an emotional support animal. The intent of this article is to answer questions and provide helpful information to tenants requesting ESA accommodation from their landlords and also to educate landlords on what they should avoid when faced [...]

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5 Questions Everyone Asks About Emotional Support Animal Housing Rights

Since 2015, ESA Doctors has helped clients interested in qualifying for emotional support animals connect with real licensed mental health professionals. As Emotional Support Animal (ESA) advocates, we find it important to educate our clients and anyone in need about ESA housing rights and how to effectively communicate with your landlord. We know first-hand that [...]

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