Airports are busy, and that goes for everyone from the TSA to the ticket counter professionals, gate agents, and food staff. And it isn’t only the human employees who are working to help you have a safe journey; some airports have furry friends on their staff lists, too. Emotional support animals can’t always travel with you, as only service dogs get travel rights, so visiting these airports can be the next best thing.

Below, you’ll find airports in the USA with full-time furry friends on pawtrol to help passengers like you have a more calming experience on your layover, landing, or boarding.


Albany International Airport (ALB) – Therapy Dogs
There’s nothing “smallbany” about this big initiative! Albany has a program where therapy dogs help passengers calm their nerves. So if you’re having a “ruff” travel day, these puppers will give you a “round-of-a-paws” and help keep your spirits up for even the longest of “dog-gone” delays.


Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) – Therapy Dogs
The “land of sky” gives a new meaning to landing at AVL. Your heart and soul will fly “sky high” as you see the Paws crew of therapy dogs at Ashville’s regional airport. With everything from floofers to puppers and nuzzlers of all sizes, you’re in for a treat with these loving dogs.


Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) – Therapy Dogs
The CLT Canine Crew is here to give you some TLC! Each member is a registered therapy dog with at least 6 months of experience working as a therapy dog. You’ll see their “pet me” vests and their handlers in matching colors, so you know it is ok to walk up and say hi.


Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) & Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) – Therapy Dogs
Although they do not have a page on their website, both of these airports have partnered with Canine Therapy Corps to bring trained therapy dogs to help you on layovers. So grab some deep dish for some dog-gone good pupper time, and don’t forget the famous flavored popcorn stand while you’re at it. We never pass it by!

Airports With Therapy Animals On Staff
A few airports, like in Chicago, have their dedicated therapy dogs on staff.


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) – Therapy Dogs
They don’t call Dallas “The Big D” without good reason; for us, it stands for “Big on Dogs”! The dogs of DFW program is for dogs of all sizes, and each one, whether a Frenchie or a Mastiff, are big in heart and love to help you restore during your layover, arrival, or takeoff in the “Queen City”.


Denver International Airport (DEN) – Cats and Dogs
The mile-high city can lift your spirits, and so does their full list of floofers to keep you company and calm your nerves. Even better, they have a full-time therapy cat named Xeli on call to calm your nerves and give you a “purrfect” pause when needed. And their website has an updated list of who you may meet on your stop.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL) – Therapy Dogs
Since 2013, FLL has “Rovers” roaming the runway – well, not on the runway, but in the hallways. Your heart will take off as you see them creating the perfect way to start or end your trip, helping you remain calm during a layover with their wagging tail welcome party.


George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport (IAH) & William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) – Therapy Dogs
Ready for some hounding “Houston Hospitality”? You’ll find pups of all sizes and ages placed throughout IAH and Hobby to help you on your adventure. These howlers put the “H” in “H-town” and are ready to wrangle some snuggles and scratches to calm your travel worries.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Therapy Dogs
Whether you’re arriving to see the stars or passing through, these Hollywood-worthy hounds shine bright! LAX is filled with celebrities, but the furballs of the PUPs program steal the spotlight with their looks. From Chihuahua’s to Irish Wolfhounds, there are 57 breeds and mixes so you never know who you’ll spot.


Miami International Airport (MIA) – Therapy Dogs
The “Miami Hound Machine” will get you lined up in a conga to be greeted by these “golden girls” and guys. And it isn’t only Golden Retrievers; the list of furbabies can be any of the approved therapy dogs. Although we couldn’t find an up-to-date list, the program is going strong, so contact the airport ahead of time for your travel dates and find out where these pooches will be partying it up Miami-style.


Minneapolis–St. Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport (MSP) – Cats and Dogs
The Animal Ambassadors program is making Minneapolis a must for your layover. While some doggos enjoy digging in the city of lakes, passengers are digging in this dog-gone program where they can pet a pup during their layovers. And the Minneapolis airport has even partnered with the local zoo to bring exotic animals to educate passengers. You never know what you’ll run into in this airport, but most important are the pups waiting for pets. So sniff them out, and get some cheese curds while you’re at it.

Airports With Therapy Animals On Staff
Therapy animals at the airport can help passengers overcome stress during layovers.


Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) – Therapy Dogs
Roger that! At the Will Rogers World Airport you can meet and greet a team of trained therapy dogs. It started with 12 teams of therapy dogs, but since this airport serves more than three and a half million travelers each year, they quickly scaled the program. We all know dogs are angels, and this program is perfectly called H.A.L.O. You can learn more about the organization here.


Orlando International Airport (MCO) – Therapy Dogs
The Paw Pilots program at MCO is not “Goofy” or out of this world. You don’t need to travel to a park or “Pluto” to get some pets. Whether you’re sad about leaving the theme parks or just a bit nervous, they’re ready to lend a paw, ear, and tail to keep you calm.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) – Therapy Dogs
“Ruff” travel day with lots of delays? Never fear; the Phoenix Navigator Buddies are here! Each pleasant pup works at the airport at least 2.25 hours per week and must meet strict guidelines, including being qualified in good standing with a qualified pet therapy organization. Each handler has guidelines, too, like being 18 or older, being a year-round resident in Arizona, and having six months or more of pet therapy experience. There are no “bones to pick” about this pet therapy program; it has top-notch talent!


Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) – Therapy Dogs
Calling all Pittie fans, the Pit Paws are on patrol at PIT. And “pitt”-bulls are not the only puppers on “the burgh” squad. Composed of volunteers with certified therapy dogs, you never know who will show up to “bridge” your travel stress or a “river” of calmness during your “Steel City” stopover.


Reno–Tahoe International Airport (RNO) – Therapy Dogs
Hitting the slopes or slurping up some sun at the lake? Reno–Tahoe airport has a program called paws for passengers to help provide a pawsitively perfect passenger experience. From floofy friends to playful pups, you’ll light up when you see these smiling faces with their “pet me” vests. They take the “bite” out of a long layover with their friendly faces. Best of all, if you want a specific dog to be there, you can submit a request with your travel dates; how cool is that!

Rhode Island

Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport (PVD) – Therapy Dogs
If you “rhode” all the way to this landlocked “island of cuteness”, get ready for some snuggles. The PVD PUPs are standing in line led by their lead doggo Teddy. Complete with Bulldogs, Goldendoodles, Huskies, and more, your new four-legged friends fancy a hello and farewell while you wait on your layover.


Sacramento International Airport (SMF) – Therapy Dogs
It’s all “BARC” with no “bites” at the SMF airport. These furry friends are part of the Boarding Area Relaxation Corps and work hard while hardly working. You get their smiling faces, wagging tails, and plenty of snuggles to calm your nerves before you board your flight.

Airports With Therapy Animals On Staff
Assistance animals can provide snuggles to calm you down before your flight.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) – Therapy Dogs
There’s no official name for the program in this ski heavy city, but there is this official press release announcing the program hosted by the Therapy Animals of Utah organization. So, if you have a fear of flying, wipe those salty tears away with a lick of love at the Salt Lake City airport. 

San Antonio

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) – Therapy Dogs
PUPs and Planes is ready to defend you from fears like the brave soldiers of the Alamo. They’re on a “mission” in “Mission City” to keep you calm and make your arrival, departure, and layover more enjoyable. Since 2013 they’ve welcomed passengers like you, so get ready for some snuggles while you’re at the airport.

San Francisco 

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) – Cats, Dogs, Bunnies and a Pig
The wag brigade is San Fran’s troop ready to give you the big wet slurps you’ve been craving. Best of all, you’ll be “hopping” along when you meet their bunny and feline friends. You read that right: while some airports only have canine commanders to calm your travels, you can find giant rabbits and cute kitties to give you some needed stress relief. But it doesn’t end there; there’s even an occasional pig that is a full-fledged, certified assistance animal to help you “squeal” with delight on your day at the airport.

San Jose

San Jose International Airport (SJC) – Cats, Dogs and a Rabbit
As the first airport therapy dog program, you’re not a test subject in SJC; you’re getting subjected to the most tested and experienced program. SJC’s happy tails will leave you with happy sky trails as you get ready to board your flight. And you can have a tail-wagging welcome when you arrive.


Seattle–Tacoma International Airport – Therapy Dogs
They may be “sea” pups, but there’s no sea-sickness with these lovable Labs, Collies, and other fabulous furball friends at Seattle–Tacoma International. As part of the SEA Pups program you can volunteer with the therapy dogs and potentially bring your bestie to help bestow some good vibes to passengers traveling around the world.


Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) – Therapy Dogs
The PET program at SYR lets you pet professional therapy dogs while you wait for your plane. When you need to chill out and get “mellow”, look for the puppers and handlers in yellow! They’re at the airport on a weekly basis, and you can always ask the information desk where to find them.

Did we miss an airport or program? Send us a message, and we’ll add it to the list!