ESA Doctors was founded with the mission of helping people seek support and information on emotional support animals when other options are not available. As advancements in internet services continue to grow, there are more and more ESA options online and they may not all have the same noble intentions. Regardless of who you choose to trust, it is important that you are well informed. Before you qualify for an ESA letter, please read the information below carefully.

Do People Really Need ESA’s? 

Dogs and other animals can improve mental health in people who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Studies show that dogs and other animals can improve mental health in people who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Suffering from depression, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, or one of the many other mental illnesses? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues every year. It is estimated that 60% of these people do not seek help or mental health services.

Dogs and other animals are well-known for their abilities to provide comfort during times of sadness, anxiety, or other types of emotional stress. As the rates of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety continue to climb in the United States, emotional support animals are becoming increasingly common as therapy aides. Under federal law, individuals who have emotional support animals are granted certain rights. For instance, they cannot be denied access on a flight with their ESA, and landlords cannot refuse to rent to them due to a “no pets” policy.

How Do I Get an ESA Letter?

Talking to your therapist or doctor is the best way to obtain a prescription for an emotional support animal. Also known as an ESA letter, this document serves as a recommendation for you to have an emotional support animal.

For many people, though, visiting a healthcare provider is unaffordable or impractical. In these situations, there are alternatives that allow you to obtain the required documentation and information needed for an ESA. We provide information on how to get a legitimate ESA letter online and how to spot an illegitimate ESA letter. 

If you are ready to get started on qualifying for a legitimate ESA letter online, complete the questionnaire in the link below.

ESA Letter Questionnaire

Benefits of Qualifying for an ESA Letter Online

With telehealth services, you are allowed to get your ESA letter online.  Seeing a therapist in person is NOT required to qualify for an ESA.

You are allowed to get your ESA letter online.  Seeing a therapist in person is NOT required to qualify for an ESA.

The modern world makes it possible to do just about everything online – including getting a letter to certify your dog as an emotional support animal. Finding an online source for an ESA letter can be a bit tricky, though. 

Look for a website that is secure and has a padlock in the URL. This ensures that the site is secure and safe for you and your emotional support animal. Also, make sure that the website PAGE is secure prior to submitting any private or sensitive information.

Be prepared to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This information allows a mental health professional to better understand and provide a consultation on whether or not you are eligible for an emotional support animal without ever needing to set foot in their office.

How to Avoid Online ESA Scams

Don't get scammed. Make sure that your ESA letter is legitimate.

Don’t get scammed. Make sure that your ESA letter is legitimate.

If you are looking to obtain an emotional support animal letter online, watch out for companies that promise instant approvals, low cost letters, animal registration, or lifetime letters. In many instances, these documents may be not legally binding, and they could actually be a scam.

  1. Instant ESA letter approvals may not be legitimate because it takes time for a real licensed mental health professional to approve you for an emotional support animal. Instant approvals may be from ESA letter mills that have therapist/doctor signatures on file. This means the therapist that “signed” your letter has probably never even seen your letter. Your ESA letter may be in jeopardy if the licensed mental health provider is contacted by your landlord or airline and he/she is not aware of your letter.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Low cost ESA letters do not make sense because a REAL licensed mental health professional must approve and write the ESA letter for you. These professionals are educated, trained, and licensed with years of experience.
  3. Emotional support animals do not need to be registered, so sites that offer ESA registration are a red flag. ESAs also are not required to wear vests, and as an owner, you do not need to have any proof of registration for the animal. While these accessories are highly recommended because they make it easier to for others to distinguish ESAs from pets, they are not required by law.

What to Look for in a Legitimate ESA Letter

Not all ESA letters are the same. Your ESA letter should be written on a licensed mental health professional’s official letterhead with their licensing and direct contact information. Make sure that the licensed mental health professional’s license is in good standing and up to date. You can check on your therapist’s licensing by searching your state’s professional licensing database.

An ESA letter that is legitimate will come from a real licensed mental health professional. You should be able to have access to this professional so that you can send any additional forms or documents that may require their information or signature.

ESA registration papers are not required nor recognized by landlords or airlines. Some people choose to get these items for identification purposes only.


Your Rights as the Owner of an Emotional Support Animal

An ESA letter allows you and your emotional support animal to live and travel without paying additional pet fees.

An ESA letter gives you and your ESA the right to live and travel without having to pay unfair pet fees.

Unlike service dogs, emotional support dogs do not require any specific training. Once you have obtained your ESA letter, your dog can live and travel with you. As the owner of an emotional support dog, you have certain rights. Under the Air Carrier Access Act, your ESA is allowed to travel in all domestic and foreign carriers’ airplane cabins. Air carriers may not discriminate against you due to your mental or emotional need for an assistance animal during a flight.

Emotional support animals are also exempt from “No Pets” housing policies under the Federal Fair Housing Act. Landlords may not discriminate against legitimate ESA owners, and they may not charge additional fees or pet deposits to any ESA owner who has a legitimate ESA letter from their doctor or mental health care provider.

In Short…

It is perfectly fine to make your pet a legit emotional support animal without visiting a doctor or therapist. You must, however, obtain a legitimate ESA from a licensed professional and not an online letter mill. This ensures that your letter is legal and will be accepted by landlords and airlines.

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