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ESA Doctors helps people

Over the last decade, ESA Doctors has helped people just like you
with letters for emotional support animals and travel advice for psychiatric service dogs.
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How The Process Works

Simple. Confidential. Compassionate.

You get expert help from licensed professionals in a private and secure manner. There are no hidden fees, and we provide support the entire way.

Why People Trust ESA Doctors

  • Stress-free protection

    You and your animal deserve stress-free protection.

    The ESA Doctors process is streamlined to reduce stress, and we’re here to provide support at every step.

  • Stress-free protection

    You’re in safe hands with our commitment to federal and state law compliance.

    Get peace of mind with regular updates and ongoing review of new legislation passed.

  • Stress-free protection

    You’re not alone in your ESA and PSD journey.

    Your mental well-being and creative spirit are profoundly impacted by the love of an animal. Protecting that bond is the heartbeat of our mission as fellow ESA & PSD owners.

Read more about our story and mission on our About Us page.

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Everything You Need To Know About Assistance Animals

Curious about emotional support animals and psychiatric service dogs? Click below and you’ll find guides, resources, tips, and FAQs that answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

  • ESA Letters

    ESA Letters

    Step-by-Step Guide

  • Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Psychiatric Service Dogs

    A Comprehensive Guide

  • Dealing with Landlords

    Dealing with Landlords

    An Instructional Guide

  • FAQ


    Answers to your ESA & PSD questions

  • Animal Shelters Near You

    Animal Shelters Near You

    Local places to find your ESA

  • Information by State

    Information by State

    Tips, guidelines, & laws for your area

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