Did you know you can travel on American Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal without a fee? However, before you grab Fido and show up at the airport, there are some policies you should be aware of. American airline will require a legitimate ESA Letter from you for your ESA.

american airlines emotional support animals

American Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy and Requirements 

Requirements in the Cabin

In order for you to fly with an ESA or a service animal, your furry “helper” must follow some rules. These include;

  • The animal must be able to fit your lap, at your feet or under your seat.
  • Animal must be controlled at all times, clean and well behaved
  • If your service dog or ESA is too large, you may request special access to bulkhead seating
  • The animal cannot block the aisle
  • You will not be permitted to sit in an exit row

Requirements for Traveling With an ESA on American Airlines

If you are traveling with an emotional support animal, American Airlines will require specific steps before your ESA will be allowed onto the flight. This includes documentation dated no longer than one-year (from your intended flight date) and issued by a licensed medical health professional.

The ESA letter/document itself must state;

  • Your mental or emotional disability as per the guidelines and recognition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • The ESA must be on the flight to help you through the flight itself or at your intended destination
  • Your ESA letter must be on the official letterhead of the mental health professional assisting you
  • Your doctor’s credentials (the type of doctor) or mental health professional’s license and where his/her license was issued and the date issued

In addition, you will have to submit these requirements to the airline 48 hours before your flight. If you fail to comply, American Airlines reserves the right to ask you to kennel the animal.

How to Get your Official ESA Documentation from ESA Doctors


Destinations Where ESA Restrictions Apply

If you are traveling to Hawaii, Edinburgh Scotland or the United Kingdom, be sure to check out the specific guidelines these destination locations require when traveling with a service animal or ESA.

American Airlines and ESA’s

When booking a flight on American Airlines, be sure to let them know you will be traveling with an ESA or service dog so they can properly meet your needs. Failing to comply with their policies could have your ESA kenneled and in the cargo hold.

Download American Airlines Additional Document 

American Airlines requires this document in addition to your ESA letter. This document must be filled out by a licensed mental health professional. When filling out your questionnaire, please select the “optional document service” when completing your ESA questionnaire.

Start your questionnaire now to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal.


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