If you’re planning to fly with an animal onboard Frontier Airlines, you will want to read this article. Due to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s new rules for assistance animals, Frontier Airlines no longer accepts emotional support animals on flights. 

To board the cabin with an animal on Frontier Airlines, your animal must either qualify as a psychiatric service dog (PSD) or be a small pet that meets Frontier’s requirements. Pets on Frontier Airlines are subject to pet fees of $99 each way and size restrictions.

In this post, we will explain what you need to know in order to have a smooth flight with your service dog or pet on Frontier Airlines. 

Good News! All airlines still accept Psychiatric Service Dogs on all flights.

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Flying with a Psychiatric Service Dog on Frontier Airlines

While Frontier will no longer accept emotional support animals, they will accept psychiatric service dogs in the cabin free of charge. Psychiatric service dogs are also exempt from the size limitations placed on normal pets. 

A psychiatric service dog is a dog that has been trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a mental or emotional health disability. An emotional support animal does not qualify as a psychiatric service dog because ESAs are not individually trained to perform specific tasks relating to the owner’s condition. It is, however, possible to train an ESA to become a PSD

To qualify for a psychiatric service dog, you must have a condition that qualifies as a disability under ADA and ACAA rules. That can include conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental and emotional health disorders that substantially limit a major life activity. A licensed healthcare professional can evaluate whether you meet these criteria and issue a signed PSD letter to you if you qualify

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(Disclaimer: The information below is for educational purposes and should be confirmed directly with the airline.  ESADoctors.com is not associated or affiliated with this airline or any of their subsidiaries.)

Documentation for PSDs on Frontier Airlines

If you are traveling with a psychiatric service dog on Frontier Airlines, you must submit the D.O.T.’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form before the flight. The form requires the passenger to attest to their service dog’s health, behavior, and training. You can download the form by clicking below: 

DOT Form - Service Animal Health Behavior Training Form - Download -- ESA DoctorsDownload the DOT Form – Service Animal Air Transportation Form (pdf) here.

You must submit the form at least 48 hours before your flight. You can submit the form to Frontier Airlines using this link. If you book a flight less than 48 hours away, you can submit the form in person to a Frontier Airlines representative when you arrive at the airport. 

You should notify Frontier Airlines at the time of booking that you intend to fly with a psychiatric service dog. You can select that you have a trained service animal under “special requests” when booking online (or notify the agent if you are reserving by phone): 

Frontier Airlines - Booking Form

If you have an existing flight, you can update your reservation to indicate you have a service dog at this link. Frontier Airlines advises passengers to keep a copy of their Service Animal Air Transportation Form as it may be requested by Frontier staff. 

Frontier Airlines Rules for Flying with Psychiatric Service Dogs

If you are flying on Frontier Airlines with a psychiatric service dog for the first time, there are some rules to be aware of. Not complying with these rules can get you and your animal banned from the flight.

  • As with other airlines, only dogs are accepted as service animals on flights. 
  • Only fully trained psychiatric service dogs are allowed to board (service dogs in training are NOT accepted). 
  • Each passenger is limited to two service dogs. 
  • The service dog has to be under the control of the passenger at all times by the use of a harness, leash, or tether while at the airport and for the duration of the flight. 
  • Service dogs must be at least 4 months old to board Frontier flights.

It’s also important for your psychiatric service dog to be well-behaved at all times. If it is engaging in disruptive behavior or poses a threat to the health and safety of others, you can be denied boarding. Disruptive behaviors include things like scratching, biting, growling, lunging, and excessive whining or barking. 

How to Get your Psychiatric Service Dog Letter from ESA Doctors

Three easy steps to get an ESA Letter with ESA Doctors

Your ESA may qualify as a PSD

Dogs and cats are allowed on Frontier Flights as emotional support animals. Make sure you have the correct documents completed before traveling.

Psychiatric service dogs and small pets can board the cabin on Frontier. Make sure you have the correct documents completed before traveling.

Flying with a Pet on Frontier Airlines

If your animal does not qualify as a psychiatric service dog, it may still be able to board the cabin as a pet. Frontier Airlines allows domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and small household birds to board flights for a one-way fee of $99. Only dogs and cats, however, are allowed for international destinations. 

Your pet must be able to fit in a carrier that is large enough for your pet to stand, turn around and lie down in a natural position. The pet carrier must also fit in the foot space underneath the seat in front of you. The pet carrier can be no larger than 18″ length x 14″ width x 8″ height. In addition to the pet carrier, you can board with either a personal item or carry-on bag, but an additional fee may apply for the carry-on bag. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in owning a psychiatric service dog and need help determining whether your mental or emotional health issues meet ADA and ACAA qualification standards, a licensed mental health professional can help. 

ESA Doctors will connect you with a professional that is licensed for your state. They will assess your mental and emotional health. If you qualify, they will give you a signed PSD letter. These professionals offer their services remotely, so no office visits are required. You can get started today by clicking on the link below. 

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