Virgin America Airline Policy on Emotional Support Animals

Do you require the help of an emotional support animal? Are you thinking about taking a flight on Virgin Airlines? Combining the two is possible, you’ll just need to follow their policies concerning ESA pets.

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Pre-Flight ESA Requirements for Virgin Airlines

Before you book your flight on Virgin Airlines just know that you will be required to present the following information in letter form. This is so the airline can be assured of the validity of the animal you want to bring onboard. The ESA letter/form must include the following information;

  • The reason why you require the ESA for the flight itself or at your final destination.
  • The signing professional can be a psychiatrist, a licensed clinical social worker, an LMFT, a psychologist, etc.
  • Information must be current and dated no later than one-year from the flight date.
  • If you are traveling to Hawaii, you must also have a health certificate issued (a maximum) of 14 days prior to your trip.

How to Get your Official ESA Documentation from ESA Doctors

how to get ESA letter

In-Cabin Policies Concerning ESA’s & Virgin Airlines

When bringing your ESA on a Virgin Airline’s flight it will have to be well-behaved and pose no risks or inconvenience to the other passengers. In addition, your emotional support animal cannot block the aisle or an emergency exit. The emotional support animal may be seated on your lap or in front of your legs on the floor.

What Type of ESA’s Are Not Allowed on Virgin Airlines?

Although dogs are the most common ESA species, people have considered (and have used) many different animals to help defeat their mental or emotional issues. However, despite the comfort these various animals bring to people there are some that are not allowed on Virgin Airlines. These include (but are not limited to) snakes, spiders, rodents, and reptiles.

Service Dog Requirements for Virgin America

A service animal is permitted to accompany a guest with a disability on Virgin America. As proof of the animal’s status, the guest can present:

ESA’s and Virgin Airlines

When booking your flight on Virgin Airlines with your ESA, be sure to let them know about 48 hours in advance so they can best accommodate you and your emotional support animal. Following the policies put in place by this airline will make traveling simple and hassle-free.

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