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ESA Letters provide housing rights in Florida

Your emotional support animal (ESA) letter in Florida provides you and your pet with more than just housing rights. Having an ESA can radically improve your mental and emotional health. 

Connect with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals

There’s nothing to feel nervous about when applying. You’ll be connected with a kind, compassionate professional who gets how important your pet is.

Help is provided to get ESA Letter in Florida

It’s that easy to get your ESA letter in Florida, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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  • Live with your ESA in no-pet buildings
  • Freedom from pet rent, fees, and deposits (including application fees)
  • Exemption from breed and weight restrictions

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What Makes an ESA Letter in Florida Legit

In the state of Florida, ESA letters must:

  • State that you have a mental health issue that qualifies for an ESA (but it should not reveal your specific diagnosis).
  • Be signed and dated by a Florida-licensed healthcare practitioner.
  • Include the provider’s license details and issue date.

Elements legit ESA Letters in Florida must contain

Don’t trust your ESA letter with anyone. The ESA professionals we work with know the ins and outs of writing ESA letters. They know the intricacies of federal and Florida state law. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About ESAs in Florida

1) Can I get my Florida ESA letter online?

Yes, the state of Florida allows residents to get their ESA letters online as long as the person writing the letter is a state-certified therapist, doctor, or other mental health professional and the letter meets all the legal requirements.

If you live in Florida and need an ESA letter, we’re ready to help. Each state-licensed professional we work with specializes in helping people like you protect your pet.

You’ll get a fair and unbiased evaluation, and if the healthcare professional believes you would benefit from an emotional support animal, you’ll get a legitimate ESA letter valid for Florida.

2) Can I have more than one emotional support animal in Florida?

Yes, Florida residents are allowed to have more than one emotional support animal as long as the healthcare practitioner deems them necessary. Each animal must be covered by a valid ESA letter. One letter can cover each of the ESAs that is needed.

3) Can Florida landlords reject an emotional support animal? 

No, landlords have to accommodate ESAs unless they have a valid exemption. For example, housing providers in Florida can reject an ESA that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, but only if those threats can’t be reduced or eliminated by another reasonable accommodation.

4) Can a landlord charge more because I have an ESA?

No, landlords in Florida cannot charge you more money or any additional deposits because you have an emotional support animal. Having an ESA letter completely waives pet fees, pet deposits, and pet application fees.

5) My ESA is a large dog breed, does it qualify?

Yes, in Florida your dog is protected from discrimination regardless of its size or breed. Landlords can only deny your emotional support animal in certain narrow circumstances. For example, if they have proof that your ESA is a safety or health hazard to other tenants. But they can’t reject an ESA solely based on size or breed.

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