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Flying with an Emotional Support Dog or Psychiatric Service Dog Questions

Which Airlines Are Still Allowing Emotional Support Animals?

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Aeromexico wants to help those with disabilities fly as comfortably as possible. This includes allowing the individuals to bring their service dog or emotional support animal on board and in the cabin of the aircraft without any additional cost. However, there are some specifics you will want to know before you book your trip through Aeromexico.

In this post, we will delve into Aeromexico’s policies as they pertain to both Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESA).

Aeromexico Airlines

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Aeromexico Airline Requirements for Emotional Support Animals

Aeromexico does allow emotional support animals aboard their flights. However, some very specific regulations must be followed. Before you bring your Emotional Support Animal on board, you must comply with your destination as far as animals are concerned. This can be done by contacting the country’s embassy. Domestic flights only require your ESA to have up-to-date vaccination records.

Aeromexico Required Documentation for Emotional Support Animals

As with most airlines, Aeromexico will need proof of your requirement of the emotional support animal. This is in the form of a letter from your doctor containing very precise information. The information included should be;

  • Details of why you need the ESA to travel
  • Details of the Emotional Support Animal
  • Doctor/therapist’s license number
  • Letter is written on official letterhead
  • Address and Business Name of doctor/therapist
  • Telephone number
  • Signature of the doctor/therapist
  • Letter cannot be older than one-year

Note: Aeromexico does not allow the transport of arachnids, ferrets, reptiles, or rodents.

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Aeromexico Service Dog Policy

A service animal is defined as a dog that is specifically trained to do a task for an individual with a physical or mental disability. In order to be considered a “service dog,” the canine must be providing aid to the person. This type of work could range from simply picking up dropped items, opening doors, and guiding or more serious services such as alerting to an oncoming illness such as seizure-alerting.

When traveling by Aeromexico, you must keep your service dog harnessed at all times, and the dog cannot sit in the aisle or emergency exit row. The animal cannot pose any risk or discomfort to the other passengers.

You will also be required to submit medical documentation for your need for the service dog as well as a certificate of service dog certification. The dog will then have to sit at your feet during the flight.

Aeromexico and Assistance Animals

Aeromexico will do their best to accommodate you and your service dog, emotional support animal or psychiatric service dog; however, be sure to follow their policies to prevent any delay in your travel plans.

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