United Airlines Policy on Emotional Support Animal Pets

Updated June 1, 2019 to reflect United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy

If you want to fly on United Airlines and are in need of an emotional support animal, you will be happy to know that this is possible. There are some rules and regulations put in place to ensure the safety of both you, your ESA pet and your fellow passengers. Here is a quick guide to traveling on United Airlines with an emotional support animal.

united airlines esa pet policy

(Disclaimer: The information below is for educational purposes and should be confirmed directly with the airline. ESADoctors.com is not associated or affiliated with this airline or any of their subsidiaries.)

United Airlines ESA Form

In addition to your ESA letter, United Airlines requires 3 additional documents that must be completed in order to travel with your emotional support animal.

  1. Mental Health Professional Form – completed by a licensed mental health professional
  2. Animal Behavior Form – completed by you
  3. Veterinary Health Form – completed by a veterinarian

You can either fax or email your completed United Airlines ESA form to 1-872-825-0208 or uaaeromed@united.com.

United Airlines emotional support animal form


Pre-Flight ESA Requirements

Remember when traveling with an emotional support animal, it isn’t as simple as just showing up at the airline and boarding. United Airlines will require some information from you prior to your scheduled flight. This includes;

  • A signed and filled out form from your licensed mental health professional
  • An ESA letter signed by a licensed mental health professional on their official letterhead
  • A signed veterinary health form completed by a licensed veterinary professional
  • The mental health professional must be licensed and will be required to give proof
  • The form and letter must be presented 48 hours prior to flight time

You can submit your completed forms to United Airlines via their secure portal including first departure date and the flight confirmation (a six-character place alphanumeric code). 

Note: For United Airlines if you cannot produce the above information, your ESA will have to travel as a pet passenger and you will have to pay the required pet fee. To prevent this, make sure you qualify for an ESA letter and have a digital copy on you at the airport.

How to Get your Official ESA Documentation from ESA Doctors

how to get ESA letter

In- Cabin Policies Concerning ESA’s

For you and your ESA pet’s safety, United Airlines’ policy is that your animal must not protrude into the aisle. This means it can be seated on your lap or in front of you. They will also accept your ESA in an airline-approved kennel; however, no exit seating will be permitted. In addition, your ESA pet must be well-behaved and pose no risk or disturbance to the other passengers.

United Airlines ESA Restrictions

Below are the rules listed on United’s website, we are uncertain if these comply with the Air Carrier Access Act. If these restrictions limits your access to reasonable accommodations, we recommend contacting United for further details and justification.

  • United Airlines only allows for one emotional support animal per person.
  • Animal must be under 65 lbs.
  • Emotional support animal can only be a cat or dog.
  • ESA must be over 4 months old.
  • International destinations may have their own rules.

ESA’s and United Airlines

United Airlines will do their best to accommodate you and your ESA as long as you have taken the time to get the proper paperwork in place. Follow their in-cabin policies and the requirements held by your ESA and you should have no problem traveling on this airline.

United Airlines requires the document in the link above in addition to your ESA letter. This document must be filled out by a licensed mental health professional. When filling out your questionnaire in the link below, please select the “optional document service” when completing your ESA questionnaire.

Click below to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal.


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