If you’re trying to figure out the best approach for asking your doctor for an ESA letter, we have you covered. An ESA letter can give you many housing rights, including having your animal in no-pets buildings. 

In this article, we’ll explain the best way to request an ESA letter so you can ask your doctor with confidence.

How to Ask Your Doctor for an ESA Letter  

Are you finding it difficult to work up the courage to ask your doctor about an emotional support animal? You’re not alone. Many people feel embarrassed about bringing up the subject or fear being rejected or judged.

How to Ask Your Doctor for an ESA Letter  

  1. Schedule an appointment with your doctor

    Schedule an appointment as you normally would. Prepare what you want to say to your doctor beforehand to alleviate any nerves during your consultation.

  2. Share openly about your condition

    Inform your doctor about the emotional or mental difficulties you’re experiencing, and explain how your pet significantly aids you in managing these challenges.

  3. Ask your doctor if they can write you an ESA letter

    Inform your doctor that an ESA letter would grant you and your ESA special housing rights, including access to no-pet apartments, exemption from pet deposit, and monthly pet fees.

  4. Turn to ESADoctors.com, if needed

    If your doctor can’t write an ESA letter for you, that’s okay. You can still get the help you need online. With a decade of experience, ESA Doctors can connect you with a therapist who understands the therapeutic benefits of Emotional Support Animals. They will guide you through the entire process, including handling interactions with your landlord.

How to Ask a Doctor for an Emotional Support Animal Letter

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If you want to ask your doctor for an ESA letter, but you’re unsure about what to say, here are a few talking points you can use to broach the subject:

  • “I’ve been having a hard time with my mental health lately, and I think an emotional support animal could make a big difference. I was wondering if you could help me with an ESA letter.”
  • “I want to move into a new building that doesn’t allow for dogs unless they’re an emotional support animal. My dog is a lifeline for my depression/anxiety/panic attacks. Could you help me qualify for an ESA?”
  • “We previously talked about my mental health issues and possible treatments. I’m not responding well to them so far. I do know that animals make me feel better. Is an ESA letter something you can give me?”
  • “I’ve been reading a lot about how emotional support animals can really support mental health. I was wondering if that is something you could help with.”

My doctor won’t write an ESA letter for me

It is okay to be afraid of rejection and still ask for help. It’s your doctor’s duty to explore every possible way to help you as a patient. 

If your doctor can’t give you an ESA letter, don’t be discouraged. Doctors can be reluctant to provide ESA letters because they are not familiar with the ESA process or the patient’s mental health. Some practices even have policies that prevent the doctor from helping with ESA cases. 

Even if your doctor agrees that an ESA can help you, sometimes their hands are tied for unrelated administrative reasons, and they are unable to write you an ESA letter. The explanation simply could be that they don’t know how to handle an ESA request and do not have the staff to help deal with the landlord calls.

If that happens to you, don’t worry. You have options and can apply for an ESA letter online through this link, and you’ll be paired with a licensed provider who specializes in ESA letters and will understand your needs.

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Who else can you ask for an ESA Letter?

According to guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing, an emotional support animal letter must come from a “licensed healthcare professional.”

That includes the following providers:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • clinical social workers
  • physicians
  • nurses, nurse practitioners
  • physician’s assistants
  • licensed counselors

A primary care physician can technically write an ESA letter, but keep in mind that most ESA letters are not from doctors.

Doctor writing letter for an emotional support animal
An ESA letter must be written by a licensed healthcare professional.

Get Help Online for an ESA Letter

If your current healthcare provider can’t help you with an ESA letter, or you’re too anxious to ask them for one, ESA Doctors can help. ESA Doctors has been operating for a decade and are ESA housing experts.

ESA Doctors works with licensed professionals who understand emotional support animals and have experience writing ESA letters. They are compassionate, understanding, and judgment-free when it comes to mental health and the need for an emotional support animal.

There are many reasons to turn to online help. Some people are too busy to schedule appointments because of work, taking care of family, or a busy class schedule at school. Others simply can’t afford the cost of seeing a therapist, especially those uninsured. 

Some people have anxieties or phobias about seeing someone in person and discussing details about their personal history and mental condition. The recent pandemic also forced many people to look for alternatives to meeting with a therapist in person. 

For people in these categories, obtaining an ESA letter through an online provider can be a great option. If you’re thinking about asking a doctor or therapist for an ESA letter, here is a simple guide:

  1. Seek Guidance from a Trusted Doctor or Therapist: If you’re already seeing a doctor or therapist, ask them about getting an ESA letter. It’s okay if they can’t help or don’t know about ESAs – this is common, and other resources are available.
  1. Turn to Professionals at ESA Doctors: If you don’t currently have a doctor or therapist, ESA Doctors are here to help you get an ESA letter. They’ll arrange everything you need to secure legitimate ESA documentation. Your first step will be to complete their online questionnaire.
  1. Establish Communication with your ESA Specialist: Next, a licensed professional will contact you. They will work with you to determine if you qualify for an emotional support animal.
  1. Receive Your Personalized ESA Letter: Once approved, you’ll receive a signed, personalized ESA letter within 1-3 business days. This letter will certify your pet as an emotional support animal.

Don’t worry about feeling nervous; it’s perfectly normal. Remember, asking for an ESA letter is a step toward your wellbeing. You’re not alone, and friendly, understanding professionals are ready to assist you on this journey.

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