No. Landlords cannot charge ESA owners pet rent. Under federal and state housing rules, landlords are not allowed to charge any of the following to process a tenant’s ESA request:

  • pet fee,
  • pet deposit
  • application fee

Landlords are not allowed to charge pet fees rent or deposits for an ESA, regardless of their usual handling of regular pets.

Even if the building requires all pet owners in the building to pay monthly pet rent, ESA owners are exempt. However, landlords do not have to accept the word of their tenants that their pet is an ESA. Landlords are entitled to see an ESA letter from the tenant as proof before waiving pet fees and deposits.

Can a Landlord Charge Pet Rent for an Emotional Support Animal?

Having an ESA is not only beneficial for your mental health, but it can also save you some serious cash by eliminating pet fees and deposits.

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