It’s possible. Landlords have to consider a tenant’s ESA request, even if it comes after signing the lease and moving in.

If you signed a lease and moved into a no-pets building, you may still be able to bring home an emotional support animal. Many people qualify for an ESA after they move in. It’s very common for people to develop mental health issues or discover the benefits of an ESA after moving into a building.

Some individuals move into a rental unit with a pet that later qualifies as an emotional support animal.

Landlords must reasonably accommodate tenants with ESAs per federal law, even if the building bans all pets and the lease does not allow for animals. ESAs are considered assistance animals under disability laws and are exempt from normal pet rules.

If you plan to bring home an ESA, you should be prepared to submit an ESA letter from your licensed healthcare professional.

If you already moved in with a pet that later qualified as an ESA, you no longer have to pay monthly pet fees.

If you already paid your pet deposit, you may also be entitled to a return of your pet deposit.

Can I Get an Emotional Support Animal After I Move In?

It’s never too late to ask a licensed healthcare professional about the benefits of an ESA to your mental health.

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