When you’re ready to get your ESA letter, you’ll want it to come from an experienced, trusted professional who is licensed in your state. Because if they’re not properly licensed, the letter won’t be legally binding.  And be cautious of hidden fees and surprise policies; not all ESA letter providers are legit.

These values — transparency, trust, and confidentiality — are at the core of what you can expect from ESA Doctors when you choose us for your ESA letter. You’ll enjoy a completely transparent pricing policy where you pay the price that you see listed at checkout, and if you don’t end up qualifying for an ESA letter, you get a 100% refund

When you choose ESA Doctors, the entire process is centered around your comfort and ensuring you get a legal ESA letter:

  • You’re connected to a healthcare professional licensed in your state and complete the entire process from the comfort and privacy of your home. 
  • Once you qualify, you will get a signed ESA letter with the professional’s license number and contact information so landlords can verify their credentials. 

ESA Letter Providers – Comparison

ESA DoctorsCompetitors
Transparent pricing
Multiple animals without extra charge
100% money-back guaranteesome
Ongoing support from ESA experts
Verified 5-star customer reviews and A+ BBB rating
Mental health professionals licensed in your state (local)some
100k+ people helped and 10+ years in business
Entirely online process
Regularly publish informational and educational content
Fast turnaroundsome
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If you’re ready to get your ESA letter in a hassle-free, supportive, and seamless process, click below and apply now.

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