Buy a gift certificate for your loved one. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover in your life? Something meaningful, thoughtful, and will truly make a difference? Look no further! Our gift certificate for an emotional support animal evaluation is the perfect gift for anyone who could use some extra support.

Having an emotional support animal is a gift that keeps on giving. These are just some of the perks of owning an ESA:

  • Freedom from housing bans on pets  
  • No monthly pet fees
  • No pet deposits
  • Exemption from size and breed restrictions 

Our gift certificate is a flexible and convenient option, and it can be used for any of our ESA or PSD plans. 

To qualify for an ESA, you need an ESA letter from a licensed healthcare professional. The cost of therapist visits can be a barrier for many people, which is why we’re offering a gift certificate that can be used toward an ESA evaluation. 

The healthcare providers we work with are licensed and experienced professionals dedicated to providing compassionate care. They will work with your loved one to discover if an emotional support animal is right for them. 

Don’t let the cost of healthcare hold your friend or family member back any longer. Give them the gift of emotional support and self-care with our ESA Doctors gift certificate.