Why costs can be unpredictable:

  1. Before giving someone an ESA letter, a licensed professional must first assess the client’s emotional and mental health. The total bill can reach several hundred or even thousands of dollars for multiple sessions at a private clinic. The final tab is also affected by the type of mental health professional you are seeing, their location, and the kind of practice they work in. 
  2. There is no standardized process for issuing an ESA letter – each provider follows their own policies. 

How we tackle this issue:

One affordable and reliable way to get an ESA letter is through ESA Doctors.

  • We charge a flat rate of $159 for a complete ESA evaluation, ESA letter, and ongoing expert support.
  • ESA Doctors works with a network of licensed professionals who specialize in the ESA process.
  • The validity of ESA letters obtained online is equivalent to one written at a standard health clinic.

Final thoughts:

With ESA Doctors, you can work directly with a trusted professional to qualify for an ESA letter. The fees charged for the service are transparent, with no hidden fees or ongoing obligations. Best of all, you’re eligible for a full refund if you fail to qualify for an ESA letter through ESA Doctors. 

Everyone deserves better mental health, no matter their financial situation. ESA Doctors was founded to give broader access to the services of professional healthcare providers.

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How much does an ESA letter cost? - ESA Doctors

If you’re struggling with your mental health, the benefits of an emotional support animal may surpass the cost of getting one. See if you qualify for an ESA online. 

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