emotional support kitten

A Redditor asked how everyone got out of bed when depression hits. Fellow Redditor, archaic_angle, had a response that is understood by many emotional support animal handlers. These tiny mammals can lift our spirits and cause a positive change in our lives.

A couple years ago I was at one of the absolute lowest points in my life. I had wrecked my car, lost my job, failed out of school, nearly homeless, and was drinking heavily. Such a dark miserable time for me, I’d get so drunk that I’d end up injuring myself or passing out in some awful place.

Then one day a relative of mine discovered two tiny kittens on the side of a dangerously busy road. The cats were given to me since the relative already had pets of her own. Anyway it was amazing! I fell in love with my two adorable, fluffy baby girls. They were so sweet and playful and genuinely affectionate to me. In fact, although I’ve pretty much grown up with cats my whole life, these two seemed to be more affectionate and cuddly than any of the other cats from my childhood.

It’s almost kind of cheesy but I look forward to coming home to my babies every day. The first thing I do when I wake up is pet my kitties and the last thing I do before going to bed is the same. When I’m sad or depressed I just picture my little baby creatures with their innocent eyes, fluffy bellies, and their eagerness to play. Thinking of them always cheers me up. Of course there’s other lifestyle changes that I made to get myself back on a healthy track but I still regard my kitties as a total miracle. I mean, in a way, I saved their lives, I doubt they’d have survived long on that roadside, and, in turn, they saved my life, or at least gave me a reason to live it.

Yeah, getting a pet isn’t an instant cure that automatically removes depression. As I mentioned in my post, I did make other significant lifestyle changes, I got back into school, got a better job, cut way back on the booze, etc. But there’s something about the unconditional love of a pet that really warmed my heart at a time when positive emotions were nonexistent for me.

A pet is never going to judge you. They’ll never think you’re a failure, or ugly, or stupid or inept. No matter what’s going on in your life, pets are usually genuinely happy to see you and to be fed and played with and cared for. To a pet, you’re their whole world, and it gives you an escape, at times, from your own. I think getting these cats was a catalyst that encouraged me to let go of some baggage and start rebuilding myself. Of course, as you said, you have to be willing to follow through with your end of the deal, no animal deserves to be neglected

(h/t /u/archaic_angle)