You may have heard from someone that you can’t qualify for an ESA online. We’re here to break that myth: you absolutely can qualify for an ESA online, as long as it’s done the right way. In fact, the latest guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing specifically approved ESA letters obtained through healthcare professionals that offer their services over the web. 

Here is what HUD had to say about qualifying for an ESA online: 

“….many legitimate, licensed health care professionals deliver services remotely, including over the internet. One reliable form of documentation is a note from a person’s health care professional that confirms a person’s disability and/or need for an animal when the provider has personal knowledge of the individual.”

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To paraphrase, you can get an ESA letter online if it’s through a licensed healthcare professional that works remotely. HUD was careful to note that “certificates, registrations, and licensing documents” for ESAs obtained online are NOT effective. The key is that your ESA letter has to come from a licensed healthcare professional. 

Telehealth services have become a necessity for many. The growth of telehealth has accelerated during the pandemic, and state and federal laws recognize the ability of therapists and doctors to help their clients and patients remotely. 

There are many good reasons to qualify for an ESA letter online, including convenience, cost, speed, and privacy. You can also rest assured knowing that under HUD guidelines, an ESA letter from an online therapist or doctor is just as good as one obtained during an in-person office visit. 

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Three easy steps to get an ESA Letter with ESA Doctors
If you would like to work with a licensed healthcare professional to qualify for an Emotional Support Animal, ESA Doctors may be able to assist you.