In the state of California, way too many animals have a life that is way too short.  These loving souls are found abandoned, abused, and alone.  For many, the next step is a shelter and a short walk to the end of the line.  But, there are places trying to change that and give these animals the life they deserve.  These places are working to care for these lost members of society and find them a family and a home where they can flourish in the love and affection that they deserve.  You can be a part of that process by supporting these shelters and rescues who work so hard to save so many.  If you are in need of an emotional support animal in California, we suggest contacting one of these wonderful rescues/shelters to find your special new friend. Here are some places for you to explore whether to find your new fur baby, volunteer, foster, or to provide much needed resources to help the work continue.

Los Angeles


Much Love Animal Rescue is a non-profit, no kill rescue run entirely by volunteers.  They provide medical care, rehabilitation, and community education.  They take in animals that would be destroyed at shelters and help them find love and a family.  Since 1999,  they have found forever homes for more than 3,000 animals.


Best Friends Los Angeles is responsible for the No Kill LA initiative.  They are working to make all LA shelters no kill by 2017 and are well on the way to that goal.  They help with spaying and neutering to help with the pet population control.  In 2015 alone, they helped find homes for 27,100 LA animals.

San Diego

helen-woodward-animal-centerThe Helen Woodward Animal Center works not only to save pets but also to help control the population with their Spay Don’t Litter program.  They will take in whole litters of puppies or kittens and pay for mom to be fixed as well.  They work with volunteers and offer special incentives to those that adopt and give an animal a forever home.


Founded in 1880, the San Diego Humane Society may well be the oldest member on the list but that doesn’t mean they are out of date.  In a truly beautiful move, they has reached a zero kill status for all healthy and treatable animals as of July 1, 2015.   This has been a massive undertaking but the results were well worth it.  Now the more than 45,000 animals that find themselves in need of shelter and care each year will have a chance to live, thrive, and find their forever families.

Santa Monica


The Voices for the Animals Foundation works to rescue not just cats and dogs, but all animals in danger.  They use a system of foster homes to care for the animals until they can find forever homes.  As a compassionate and cruelty free organization, this place is all about saving lives and finding families for the animals.

karma-rescueKarma Rescue helps find permanent homes for animals and also deals with a lot of public education.  They offer a ton of volunteer opportunities to allow people to get to know and fall in love with these once unwanted animals finding forever homes for thousands since they started in 2003.

San Francisco

grateful-dogs-rescueGrateful Dog Rescue was founded in 1999 and is the oldest all breed rescue in San Francisco.  It is an all volunteer facility meaning every donation is goes straight to helping the animals. They have a fostering program as well as dogs for adoption.  As with the other top facilities, they are a no kill rescue.


Rocket Dog Rescue is funded 100% by donations from supporters and also 100% volunteer.  They have helped more than 7,800 dogs to date find a forever home.  Their commitment to kindness goes one step further and they do not purchase products that are not vegetarian as well as having a preference for food donations to be vegetarian as well whether for the dogs or for fundraisers.


Muttville Senior Dog Rescue gets an honorable mention here.  This group is all about older dogs.  These dogs are all at least 7 years of age.  They are adopted or fostered as needed.  They love pairing seniors with seniors when possible.  They also offer a unique Fospice program which allows end of days care for dogs with little time left.

California has some amazing animal shelters and rescues.  The fact that some of the biggest cities are working to become or have become no kill is a huge testimony to the hearts of the people of this great state and their love for all animals. Adopting your new emotional support animal can save the life of one of these deserving animals.

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