Labor Day. The first Monday in September and the unofficial end of summer. More than 80 countries worldwide celebrate Labor Day in some form whether it be International Workers’ Day, May Day, or Labour Day (made fancier by the “U” in its spelling.) It’s a time-honored tradition to take your last summer vacation on this three-day weekend, but before you head off with your pet to here is what you should know.

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Before you leave with your Emotional Support Dog for Labor Day 

  • Make travel reservations for your dog.
  • Ensure your hotel is pet-friendly.
  • Ask if your hotel has a mini-fridge if you plan on bringing raw food or bones.
  • Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal? Be sure to have your ESA letter at the ready. Check out this list of what an ESA Letter must contain.
  • ESA letter must contain.
  • Ensure sufficient supply of prescription medications.
  • Identify good local vet and emergency vet.
  • Get a temporary ID tag with local address and phone number.
  • Print a copy of your airline’s pet policy. Unsure what each airline needs? We’ve got you covered.
  • Get directions to pet relief areas in airports where you have layovers.


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  • A couple of meal’s worth of food.
  • A collapsible water bowl.
  • A water bottle (filled once past security.)
  • A leash or harness, for unfenced pet relief areas.
  • Poop bags.
  • Extra-awesome treats, your pet deserves it!
  • Health certificate (if needed.)
  • Prescription medications.
  • Picture of your pet.


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Packing for your Emotional Support Animal

  • Carrier and messenger bag carrier.
  • An extra leash and harness.
  • Harness and seat belt clip for car travel (if needed.)
  • Towel or seat cover for car travel (to protect your pet from a hot seat and to protect the hot seat from your pet.)
  • Coat/raincoat (depending on the weather.)
  • Travel crate.
  • Bedsheets, to protect the hotel’s bedspread and sofa.
  • More poop bags (you can never have enough!)
  • Lint roller.
  • Air freshener/candle.
  • Grooming supplies (small bottles of shampoo and conditioner; brush and comb; pet clipper; no-tangle spray; super-absorbent towels; tub faucet adapter; eye and ear cleansing pads; nail clippers; dog hair dryer)
  • First aid kit.


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How Can I Get an ESA Letter from ESA Doctors?