When to disclose:

You are allowed to inform the landlord before or after you actually move in.

⏰ Timing Tips:

Wait until you have your ESA letter. Under federal ESA rules, a landlord can demand to see a valid ESA letter before allowing an ESA to move-in to a no-pets building.

What about before lease signing?

Some tenants are hesitant about disclosing their ESA prior to signing a lease for fear of being discriminated against.

  • It’s an understandable concern, but it’s recommended to be upfront and open about your emotional support animal.

⚖️ Know Your Rights:

ESA owners should feel confident they are protected by federal and state law from discrimination. And, if the landlord does take issue with your ESA, it’s often beneficial to surface those issues and address them sooner rather than later.

When do I have to tell my landlord about my ESA? - ESA Doctors

Ask your licensed healthcare professional if having more than one ESA is beneficial for your mental health.

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