Ask any good pet parent if they know their dog loves them and you will most likely get a resounding “yes!”

The canine species is “(wo)man’s best friend” for a reason. All you have to do is click on any social media site or animal-related website to find examples of dogs showing their love for their special human.

Dogs may depend on us, but they also want to be with us, and they (for the most part) would give up their lives for us. Now that’s dedication, I’d say.

Still not convinced? Check out these 9 ways dogs show they love us – number four is my favorite!

1. Wet Sloppy Kisses

Wet sloppy kisses from a date may be a turn-off, but when it comes to our pooches, there’s nothing quite like it. Licking your face, hand, or wherever the tongue lands is the canine’s way of saying “you’re all right in my books.”

2. Tail (Butt) Wagging

Dog wagging his tail

Forget about Shakespeare’s “eyes being the window to the soul” when it comes to our canine companions; it’s all in the tail (or butt).

When you meet a friendly dog, you immediately know by that wagging, thwapping, or swishing tail that he’s glad you’re there.

3. Knowing Your Needs

Studies have proven it, and pet parents know it, dogs are in tune with our moods and our illnesses. Plenty of pet parents can attest to the fact that their dog will offer up a gentle paw (or head) on the lap or even their own favorite toy when they perceive their favorite human isn’t quite right.

4. Checking In

Dog checking in

All dogs “need a little time alone.” They may go off and investigate a sound, take a nap in a quiet area, or give chase to an offending squirrel or bird that pops into the yard. But the one trait most our canine buddies possess, is they know when to check back in on their humans without being asked – doesn’t it just make you feel warm and fuzzy?

5. The Lean-In

Our dogs want to be close to us. Some have perfected the lean-in. This is where your dog will lean against you (you may have to brace yourself if he’s a hefty fella). This behavior is your dog’s way of saying “I trust you and want to be close to you.”

6. Sleeping Buddy

Dog sleeping with little girl

Animals are at their most vulnerable when they are asleep, so if your canine companion curls up with you at night (or when you’re napping) take it as a compliment. This means he trusts you completely.

7. They Look You in the Eye

Brian Hare (director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center) stated that when a dog looks at you, they’re “hugging you with their eyes.”

He goes on to explain that the chemical oxytocin is released which helps in the bonding process between new mothers and their babies. This same chemical is also released when dogs play, touch or stare at you. Ahhhh!

8. They Bring You Their Toys

Dog bringing ball back

Sure. They can be wet, slobbery and be falling apart, but when a dog brings you his favorite toy, that means you are well loved. Sharing is caring!

9. Jumping on You & Roughhousing

Although we as pet parents may frown upon the action, jumping up and roughhousing is not seen by our canines as anything but a sign of love and an important part of our dog’s social development.

Being greeted like this is your pooch’s instinctive way of recognizing you as the “parent” of the relationship. Of course, these actions can go too far (especially if you have a large dog or you are smaller in stature), so be sure to train your puppy to know when enough is enough.

Canine Love

Our dogs do their best to show us we mean the world to them, do them a favor and be the best pet parent you can be. Dogs are a privilege, not a right, so treat them like they are the best friend you’ll ever have.

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