We live in a chaotic world with pressures and turmoil seemingly around every bend; for some folks, these troubles can be unbearable. When this happens, we may find ourselves wondering what we can do to help alleviate our emotional suffering.

Medications can be useful, but not everyone wants to go this route. Diet and exercise are helpful, but what happens if we are simply too depressed to be motivated?

This is when an Emotional Support Animal may be a consideration.

In this post, we are going to take a tour around the world of the Emotional Support Animal. Already have a pet? We will also answer the question of how do I register my pet as an Emotional Support Animal?

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What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal provides comfort and support. They are not required to be specially trained.

An Emotional Support Animal is an animal that is used to help alleviate the symptoms of various emotional or mental disabilities. These can include (but are not limited to);

The ESA is not considered a Service Animal and is therefore not given the same rights and privileges as a full-fledged Service Animal.

The Emotional Support Animal also does not have to be specifically trained to perform a task. It is there purely to give comfort and support to their owners.

One of the benefits of the ESA is that it can be any species of animal. Some people use dogs, cats, rodents, and birds as Emotional Support Animals. 

What is Expected of an ESA

When using a pet as an Emotional Support Animal, there will be certain expectations from the general public.

Yes, you are allowed to have an ESA in a “no pets’ policy building (according to the Fair Housing Act). However, your ESA must be well-behaved in all circumstances. This means your ESA cannot pose a threat to the rental property or other tenants.

Good behavior also applies to flying in the cabin of the aircraft with your Emotional Support Animal. Some airlines, such as Delta and United, require documentation affirming that your emotional support dog will behave on the flight. Emotional support animals should be clean, well-behaved, and under the control of their owner.

Registration Requirements for an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dog registration is NOT required by law. All you need is an ESA letter stating your need for an ESA.

Emotional support dog registration is NOT required by law. All you need is an ESA letter stating your need for an ESA.

Unlike a Service Dog that must be specifically trained, the ESA can be an existing pet. However, having an ESA will require a letter from a licensed mental health professional – this “ESA letter” is your key to having access to “no pets” policy rentals and bringing your ESA into the cabin of an airplane.

ESA Registration is NOT required to certify your dog as an emotional support animal.

When your mental health professional has determined that an Emotional Support Animal is the right therapy path for you, he or she will write you an ESA letter for you to live or travel with your comfort animal.

This “ESA Registration” is in the form of a letter. The ESA letter must contain the following information;

  • Written on your doctor’s letterhead
  • Doctor’s license number, the type of license, and the location in which it was issued
  • Date and doctor’s signature (the letter is only valid for one year).

It is important to know that you do not have to register your ESA legally. Once you have the letter from your attending mental health professional, your Emotional Support Animal will be official.

If you choose to register your ESA, you can do so through a brick-and-mortar organization in your area or online here.


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Pets as Emotional Support Animals

If you are dealing with an emotional or mental disability and feel an Emotional Support Animal may work for you, ask your mental health professional if he/she agrees. If so, you can use a current pet as an ESA or find one that works to alleviate your symptoms. If you do not have access to a mental health professional, you can connect with one online by clicking the “Start Now” button below.

Remember, to make your Emotional Support Animal official; you will need an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. This letter is your key to turning an ordinary pet into a therapeutic ESA.

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