Fill out a simple questionnaire online. ESA Doctors will connect you to a friendly LMHP that specializes in ESAs.

The LMHP will evaluate whether you qualify for an emotional support animal.

If you qualify, the LMHP will provide a signed ESA letter that proves you own an emotional support animal.

Send a copy of your ESA letter to your landlord. Even buildings that ban pets must reasonably accommodate ESAs.

Once your ESA letter is accepted, your ESA is exempt from pet fees, deposits, and restrictions on size, breed, and weight.

With an ESA letter, you have the following benefits:

ESAs can live in no-pet buildings.

ESAs are exempt from fees and deposits.

ESAs are not subject to breed, size, and weight restrictions.

ESA owners are protected against housing discrimination.

ESA Doctors is a leading ESA advocacy service. We can connect you to a fully licensed, independent healthcare professional online that can evaluate you for a genuine ESA letter.

We understand how important animals are for mental health. See why thousands of clients trust us year after year with the important task of protecting their beloved dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

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