Are you overwhelmed with anxiety or stress? Do you live in Arizona? Then you may be happy to hear that the federal laws that protect emotional support animals also apply to The Grand Canyon State. Owners of emotional support animals have the right to live with their assistance animals, even in buildings that prohibit pets. 

If you feel that an emotional support animal is right for you, complete the questionnaire in the link below to get help from an Arizona licensed mental health professional. Having your ESA letter from an Arizona licensed therapist will allow you to live with your support animal-free from discrimination and fees. In this article, we will talk about how you can get a legitimate ESA letter for Arizona and what you need to know about flying with an emotional support animal.

How to Get an ESA Letter in Arizona

How Do You Qualify for an ESA in Arizona?

In order to qualify for an ESA letter, you must have a mental or emotional health condition such as severe anxiety, PTSDphobiassocial anxieties, or depression that substantially limits one or more major life activities. 

If a licensed healthcare professional determines that your condition meets the appropriate criteria and an emotional support animal would help with your mental health issue, they can give you a signed ESA letter. ESA letters are issued by licensed professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, doctors, and others. Licensed professionals that work remotely online are also allowed to write ESA letters. 

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Arizona Emotional Support Animal – Apartment Laws

Emotional support animals in Arizona have specific rights to live with their owners in apartments, condos, and other rental units.
In Arizona, emotional support animals have specific rights to live with their owners in apartments, condos, and other rental units.

Emotional support animal owners in Arizona have specific rights under federal law that allow them to live with their emotional support animals in apartments, condos, and other types of homes. Emotional support animals are even allowed in “no pets allowed” buildings because they are not considered pets. 

Landlords and housing providers are not allowed to charge any fee or deposit for emotional support animals. Emotional support animals cannot be discriminated against solely because they are of a certain breed or size. 

The landlord or building manager cannot, under Federal law, evict you or deny you housing solely because you need an animal to help you cope with your mental illness and maintain a normal life.  To have these protections, however, you need to present a valid ESA letter to your landlord. 

What is in a Legitimate ESA Letter for Arizona?

An ESA letter must have specific information for it to be considered legitimate:

  • The ESA letter must be written within one year 
  • The letter must come from a licensed mental health or medical professional and written on his/her letterhead
  • Your condition must substantially limit your ability to participate in at least one major life activity (sleep, work, etc.)
  • Details stating your therapist’s license type, issue date, and state where it was issued.

Once you submit your legitimate emotional support animal letter, your landlord must provide you with reasonable accommodation. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the landlord can prove your ESA poses a real threat or danger to the health and safety of others, they can evict you, ask you to re-home the ESA, or deny you housing altogether. 

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Arizona Emotional Support Animal – Air Travel Laws

Airlines cannot charge pet fees for emotional support animals flying with their owners.
Airlines cannot charge additional pet fees for psychiatric service dogs flying with their owners.

In the past, emotional support animals were allowed to board the cabin of airlines free of charge. That ended in 2021, however, due to regulatory changes from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Emotional support animals no longer have the right to board the cabin for free on U.S. airlines.

Owners of psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) can still board the cabin of planes free of charge. A psychiatric service dog is similar to an emotional support animal in that they assist people with mental and emotional disabilities. A PSD, however, is trained to perform a job or tasks relating to the owner’s disability, whereas an ESA is not. 

For a helpful guide on how to fly with a psychiatric service dog, click here.

If you’re interested in qualifying for a PSD letter, click on the link below to connect with a licensed healthcare professional. A PSD letter provides documentation that you meet the criteria for owning a psychiatric service dog for purposes of the ADA and Air Carrier Access Act.

If you are interested in a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter, we are happy to connect you with a licensed healthcare provider so they may assist you.

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Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace

You cannot be discriminated against in Arizona when it comes to having an emotional support animal in your home, but your employer is not required to accept your ESA. You can request that you be allowed to bring your ESA to work, but it must be sanctioned by your employer. Most workplaces do not accept emotional support animals, but there are exceptions. Be aware that employers that accept ESAs will most likely want to see proof of your need for the emotional support animal if they grant your request. They will likely want to see an ESA letter.


Emotional support animals are recognized in Arizona as a part of a wellness plan. They are allowed in planes and in no-pets housing.
Emotional support animals are recognized in Arizona and have rights.

Arizona residents are allowed to have emotional support animals in “no pets” housing. However, be sure to get a formal letter written by your mental health professional. Having this letter will validate your need for the ESA and is necessary for obtaining the cooperation of your landlord.

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