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Looking for a legitimate healthcare professional that specializes in emotional support animals? ESA Doctors can connect you with someone that is appropriately licensed for your state. There are some ESA letter sites that only offer you one choice of therapist from one state. ESA Doctors works with a nationwide network of licensed therapists and doctors that can issue authentic ESA letters. 

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Steps to Finding an ESA Doctor – Licensed Professional Near Me

  1. Fill out your information in the boxes above, and we’ll email you.
  2. Complete the questionnaire.
  3. Get connected to a healthcare professional licensed for your area.
  4. Get your ESA letter via email for immediate use.

It is important to get your ESA letter from a professional that is licensed and understands ESA rules. We understand how important your ESA is and want your ESA letter to be legitimate and actually work for you. Don’t be denied your rights due to a faulty ESA letter obtained from a questionable source.

Do I Have to Register My Emotional Support Animal?

No! ESA Registration is not required nor recognized under law. Landlords will reject you and your animal if you only present a registration card or certification. The only way to qualify your pet as an emotional support animal is to get a letter from a licensed healthcare professional. Don’t be fooled by registration or certification sites – federal and state rules are clear on this.

What Do I Do With My ESA Letter?

Once you have your ESA letter, you can live with your emotional support animal even if your building bans pets. Federal and state laws also exempt ESA owners from pet fees, deposits, and breed/size restrictions. You can submit your ESA letter to your landlord, co-op, or HOA before or after you sign your lease. 

If you have questions about the ESA process, please see our FAQ or reach out to us directly, we would be happy to help you.

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