What you need: A signed ESA letter from an Arizona-licensed therapist or doctor. And voila! With an ESA letter, your pet is protected as an emotional support animal under federal Fair Housing laws.

What’s the status quo? Life in Phoenix, known for its sizzling summers, cacti landscapes, and vibrant desert sunsets, can come with unique challenges. The rising cost of living and valley heat can contribute to residents’ stress and anxiety. Seeking a mental health counselor for an ESA recommendation can be prohibitively expensive, costing up to $250-350 for a single session in upscale areas like Biltmore or Arcadia, 

The task of getting an ESA letter in Phoenix is complicated by the fact that many private clinics and medical offices in Phoenix do not have ample experience with the ESA letter process in Arizona. Fortunately, there are online alternatives. 


But first, if you’re looking for free crisis counseling, you can turn to the Maricopa County Crisis Line. If you’re a veteran, check out the VA Phoenix Health Care Center, which offers mental health counseling and psychiatry services.

What’s the best way to get an ESA letter in Phoenix?

For those living in the Valley of the Sun, obtaining a legitimate ESA letter online is a viable option. ESA Doctors will link you to an Arizona-licensed professional well-versed in ESA regulations. They can assess your need for an ESA and sign off on an ESA letter without you having to brave the outdoor desert heat. 

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What’s the cost of an ESA letter?

We are committed to offering an ESA letter at competitive rates. Our basic plan delivers an ESA letter for $159. If you opt for the Plus Plan at $189, your yearly renewals are only $99. We pride ourselves on transparent fees and empathetic healthcare professionals skilled in meeting the requirements of ESA owners. 

The entire process is digital, ensuring you can get your ESA letter without stepping out. Whether you’re in Downtown Phoenix, Ahwatukee Foothills, Paradise Valley, or any other part of this expansive city, you’re covered.

  • Occupy no-pet properties (covering rentals and condos)
  • No pet fees and deposits
  • Exclusions from limitations on pet breed, size, and weight

Remember, these rights are consistent throughout Arizona. Be mindful that emotional support animals are NOT the same as service dogs in Arizona. Service dogs are subject to different regulations and have a broader set of rights than ESAs. Service dogs must also undergo extensive specialized training, whereas emotional support animals do not. 

As ESAs become a more popular option to deal with mental health woes in Arizona, it’s important for ESA owners to practice responsible ownership and understand the limits of their rights. 

Final Thoughts 

Phoenix, with its blend of urban vibes and desert charm, offers residents a unique lifestyle. Amidst the hustle or the desert calm, you deserve the solace an emotional support animal brings. We’re here to ensure your rights are safeguarded.

Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal in Phoenix, Arizona, by applying for your Emotional Support Animal Letter online

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