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Can a New York Co-op building deny my Emotional Support Animal?

Co-op buildings are buildings where tenants are shareholders of the building. Co-ops are run by the Co-op Board the owners and tenants must follow building rules.
New York State prohibits apartments, condos, and co-ops from denying an applicant due to age, sex, religion, race, disability, etc.
Emotional support animals and their owners are protected […]

By |January 23rd, 2019|Emotional Support Animals, Housing|0 Comments

How Can Pets Help Veterans with Mental Disorders

History of Animals Assisting Veterans
The use of service dogs for veterans dates back to World War II when a stray  Yorkshire terrier named Smoky got adopted by the community of soldiers and helped accompany doctors and nurses in military hospitals. Smoky is regarded as one of the first therapy dogs to serve American soldiers. The […]

By |January 9th, 2019|Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health, Service Dogs|2 Comments

Positive Mental Health Benefits of Owning an Animal

Animals can have a monumental impact on the health and well-being of people, especially those who have health conditions and mental disorders. Studies on how humans and animals interact have shown many positive benefits as well as the negative impact that animals can have on people. While 68% of U.S. households have a pet, how […]

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Can Cats Provide Emotional Support?

While dogs are considered to be a more popular choice in regards to certified assistance animals, cats have been on the rise as another choice for people with disabilities and health conditions. However, the stereotypes against cats have been a deterrent towards this prospect; hence many researchers have been asking the question “can cats provide […]

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Guidelines for Flying with your Emotional Support Dog

More than likely, you have heard about emotional support dogs. Emotional Support Dogs are a great tool but have developed a bad reputation in the media. Unfortunately, even top news organizations are getting the rules and regulations around Emotional Support Animals wrong. Emotional Support Animals have saved many lives and could help you improve yours. Below […]

By |November 16th, 2018|Airlines, Emotional Support Animals|0 Comments

Top 12 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

We may view all dogs as loving, devoted creatures that would do anything to please their human companion. But did you know some dog breeds go above and beyond the “love-meter.”
Here in no particular order are the top 12 most affectionate dog breeds – who wouldn’t fall for number seven?
Looking to get an ESA letter […]

By |November 6th, 2018|Dogs, Emotional Support Animals|15 Comments

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in South Carolina

Emotional Support Animals are trending.
The medical world is now (more than ever) realizing the role a furry companion can play in the mental health of its handler. People are naturally drawn towards animals because of the unconditional love they offer – no judgment, no criticism – just good old-fashioned support.
Let’s explore this topic […]

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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Kentucky

What is an Emotional Support Animal?
Unlike a Service Dog that performs a specific task for a disabled individual, the ESA is defined as a companion animal which provides therapeutic benefit, to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability.
Emotional support animals are typically dogs and cats but may include other species of animals. To be […]

By |October 4th, 2018|Emotional Support Animals|0 Comments

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Arkansas

Emotional Support Animals are on the rise. Why? Because mental health professionals now realize the many benefits an animal can have on the psychological and physical health of their patients.
What’s an ESA?
An Emotional Support Animal is any animal species that help alleviate specific symptoms a person may be experiencing. These can include anxiety, stress, depression, […]

By |September 24th, 2018|Emotional Support Animals|0 Comments

Can a Guinea Pig Be an Emotional Support Animal?

Guinea pigs can be emotional support animals. In fact, all domestic animals can become emotional support animals, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs, mini pigs, birds, etc. You will need an ESA letter for your therapist so that your pet guinea pig can become your emotional support animal.
Ready to make your guinea pig an […]

By |September 17th, 2018|Emotional Support Animals|1 Comment
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