What you need:

  • A signed ESA letter from a licensed therapist or doctor.

That’s all the proof you need. With an ESA letter your pet is protected under both federal and state law in Florida.

If you submit a valid ESA letter in Florida, your landlord can’t require additional forms or notarized documents. Florida law also states that housing providers can’t deny an ESA accommodation just because a tenant did not follow the housing provider’s routine. 

Florida law protects your right to live with an ESA free from harassment as long as you have a proper ESA letter.

What are the benefits of being an ESA owner in Florida? 🐕‍🦺

Florida ESA owners are legally protected and allowed to live with their animals in residential buildings, even if there is a prohibition on all pets. That includes condos, co-ops, and rental apartments. In addition, emotional support animals are exempt from pet fees, pet deposits, breed restrictions, and size limits.

Who can write an ESA letter in Florida?

An ESA letter in Florida must come from a licensed healthcare practitioner such as a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse, or social worker. ESA letters can be obtained in person or through a telehealth provider.

Florida residents can use an ESA letter that verifies they have a mental health disability from a practitioner licensed in another state, but only if the out-of-state professional has provided in-person care on at least one occasion. This is generally only useful for people who have recently moved to Florida. Florida residents should always look to use a Florida-licensed professional.

What does it cost to get an ESA letter in Florida?

The only cost is to visit a licensed practitioner. ESA letters must come from licensed healthcare practitioners, so the cost can get relatively high. If you live in a major metropolitan area like Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, or St. Petersburg, multiple sessions with a therapist can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Fortunately, Florida and federal ESA laws allow residents to get ESA letters through online practitioners. The most affordable, convenient way to get an ESA letter online is through ESA Doctors.

ESA Doctors will connect you to a Florida-licensed professional specializing in ESA recommendations. These professionals are able to write ESA letters that actually work in Florida housing complexes.

Who qualifies for an ESA in Florida?

To qualify for an ESA in Florida, you must have a mental health disability. A disability is a condition like depression, chronic anxiety, PTSD, or a learning disorder that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Your licensed healthcare practitioner will help you evaluate whether and how you qualify.

How do I register an emotional support animal in Florida? 🏵️

You do not have to register an emotional support animal in Florida. In fact, the latest Florida statutes on ESAs state that ESA owners do not need any type of registration, ID card, patch, or certificate. The only proper documentation for an ESA in Florida is an ESA letter from a therapist or doctor.

Final Thoughts

The Sunshine State is a great place to own an emotional support animal. Florida’s laws are very protective of ESA owners and recognize the importance of assistance animals for mental health. If you’re a Florida resident and curious about owning an emotional support animal, don’t hesitate to reach out to ESA Doctors.

ESA Doctors has a proven track record of helping their clients live with their emotional support animals in Florida. The process is confidential, convenient, affordable, and 100% online.

How do I qualify for an ESA in Florida? - ESA Doctors

If you’re struggling with your mental health and animals make you feel better, it can be life-changing to see if you can qualify for an ESA in Florida. 

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