There is no such thing as ESA “registration.” One of the most common questions we hear from people is how to “register” an emotional support animal. People with pets want to “register” their animal so it is an ESA, and current ESA owners also wonder how they can officially register their ESA.

We can’t emphasize this enough: you do NOT need to register an emotional support animal (nor can you). That’s right, there is no such “official” registry for ESAs.

You do not need to register an ESA with any organization or government entity.

ESAs are verified by a letter, not a registry. Under both federal and state laws, the only thing you need to have an emotional support animal is an ESA letter. An ESA letter is a signed letter of recommendation from a licensed therapist, doctor, or counselor. It is the only document you need to prove that you own a legally protected ESA.

Landlords asking for a registration number are mistaken. So if your housing provider asks you to show your ESA’s registration number, be prepared to correct them. Many landlords have the mistaken impression that ESAs have registration or ID numbers. That is incorrect – the only proof they are entitled to see is a copy of your ESA letter.

How do I Register an Emotional Support Animal?

Talk to a licensed health professional. If you qualify, they will issue an ESA letter — the only document needed to prove you have a legitimate need for an ESA.

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